How to Transition from Finance to Product Management

I went through the job hunting process twice, and Product Gym helped me land the PM job that I wanted both time.

How Far in the Interview Process did you get Before Product Gym?

To be quite honest, unlike most people who are struggling and getting interviews before seeking assistance from Product Gym, I had a lack of confidence getting my foot even out the door. When I hopped on a Product Gym webinar, I was trying to get a sense of how going from a very banking, deals-focused team would transition into product management. So for me, it was really more of a confidence issue since I had no even started applying.

After you Joined Product Gym, How many Interviews a Week were you Averaging?

When I started the program, I was getting interviews right off the bat. This was before COVID-19; towards the end of July and beginning of August 2019. Two weeks after I started the Product Gym program, I was already getting at least 10 interviews a week and the turnaround time was quite quick. At that time, I was receiving responses within two to three days and within a two week time period, already had around 20 interviews lined up.

What is the Greatest Value you got out of Product Gym?

For me, it was absolutely the community. There are individuals that I met from my cohort more than a year ago that I still speak to on a regular cadence. Shoutout to Grace and Andre! But yeah, it was truly the community. I still speak to the Product Gym team as well. In Product Gym, you meet people that are going through the same struggles as you are, but you’re going through them together, and I think there’s something to be said. Going through difficult times together with people that have the same drive and want the same things as you do. I never felt like it was a competition once in Product Gym, even when everyone is looking for product manager positions.

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