Member & Product Gym Agreement

Member & Product Gym Agreement

As of March 28, 2023

This Agreement is made between Product Gym or PG and {the current member}

Hereinafter called Member, reflecting Member’s enrollment into Product Gym’s Product Management Professional’s Association. This Agreement is legally binding and shall become effective upon the date it is signed by the Member. By signing, Members agree to enroll into Product Gym’s program as well as to abide by Agreement.

The Agreement is comprised of FOUR (4) sections and shall be collectively referred to as the “Agreement” or “The Agreement”.

  1. Membership Schedule & Dues

  2. Member Code of Conduct

  3. Program Deliverables & Process

  4. Signature of Agreement

Membership Schedule and Dues


Product Gym is an exclusive membership association dedicated to the advancement of product managers, providing an exclusive community for networking, skills building, and career acceleration.

Members are required to complete all aspects of the program including but not limited to program attendance, preparation for coaching & instructional sessions, completion of designated deliverables, and satisfactory engagement on program deliverables for the completion of the program. Members agree to inform and disclose the contents of any and all written offer letters received to Product Gym during the engagement of this program.


Subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement, Product Gym will refund any payments to Member and offer you a one-time payment of $6,000.00, minus any applicable withholdings, if you are not offered or have a position or positions making at or atleast $100,000 within 365 days of completing the program. The 365th day is known as the Termination Date.


  1. Member does not require H1B, Green Card Sponsorship, or residency eligibility. Product Gym cannot exercise any guarantees for unforeseen or uncontrollable changes in National immigration policy or individualized immigration processing.

  2. Pay the full amount of your Product Gym Membership Fee pursuant to your prescribed due dates. Any delinquent payments will invalidate your guarantee and you will be ineligible for this guarantee.

  3. This guarantee does not apply to income share agreements and retail installment contract payment options, including any down payments made on income share agreement payment options.

  4. Completed all Program Deliverables (see below section) within four (4) months of first payment. 

  5. Please note that if you withdraw or are withdrawn and are not able to complete the Program Deliverables, you will not be eligible for this Guarantee

  6. Fully satisfy the Program Deliverables set forth in the next sections.

  7. Not receive an offer(s) for or otherwise earn the Qualifying Amount. 

  8. Apply for the Guarantee within thirty (30) days before the Termination Date.


The Qualifying Amount is defined as follows:

  • Any combination of salaried, hourly, contract, or other positions of any type where the total gross amount you are offered or actually earn for a consecutive three (3) month period during your Product Gym program or after your program completion date (defined as four months after your first payment date) is greater than or equal to gross compensation of $100,000 on an annualized basis or the equivalent on a monthly basis (the “Qualifying Amount”).

  • For purposes of determining if you have obtained the Qualifying Amount, the following shall apply:

    • An offer for a non-contract position is assumed to be indefinite, i.e. >3 months.

    • A contract position is calculated based on the stated term of the contract, including any renewal periods. For example, a month to month contract is assumed to be indefinite, i.e. > 3 months.

    • The Qualifying Amount includes both offered and/or actual earnings.

    • The total gross amount for an offer is calculated beginning on the offer date, not the date the position begins. The total gross amount for amounts actually earned are calculated the month such amounts are earned by you.

    • The three (3) month period shall extend past the Termination Date if the offer occurs prior to the Termination Date.

    • Examples include but are not limited to:

      • If you are offered a salaried position paying $3,000 per month and a contract position paying $2,000 for three months, then you have met the Qualifying Amount and are not eligible for the Guarantee.

      • On the 360th day after the program has ended you are offered a job paying $4,000 per month and a three-month contract position paying $1,000 per month, you are not eligible for the Guarantee. This is the case even if you do not commence work until after the Termination Date.

      • If you are offered a job paying $45,000 a year and have no other earnings, you may still be eligible for the Guarantee.

  • For purposes of this agreement, “total gross amount” means all amounts you are offered, paid, or that you earn, including but not limited to salary, bonuses, tips, and other compensation. Total gross amount is your gross income offered, earned, or received in exchange for performing services, whether as an employee, independent contractor, paid intern, business owner or partner, before taxes or any other withholdings (including contributions to retirement plans and savings plans). For example, the US Internal Revenue Service for the 2019 reporting year defines income to include on an annual basis (a) the sum of Line 1 (Wages, salaries, tips, etc.) of IRS Form 1040, Line 1 of IRS Schedule C (Form 1040) (Gross receipts or sales), as reported or required to be reported on U.S. federal income Tax returns. All of those are examples of “total gross amount.”

  • Total gross amount does not include (1) income earned by your children or spouse (if any), (2) any money you inherit, (3) any amounts paid to you under the Social Security disability insurance program (title II of the Social Security Act) or the Supplemental Security Income program (title XVI of the Social Security Act), or (4) any amounts paid to you under the Child Nutrition Act of 1966.

  • The type of work that counts to the Qualifying Amount is work of any type, including positions that are not related to your Product Gym Membership.


Product Gym reviews refund requests on a case-by-case basis.

For Full & Installment Payment Plans:

Refunds are only considered if all three below criteria are met:

  1. The refund request is made within 30 calendar days of the member’s enrollment

  2. During these 30 days, the member has completed their branding and started applying per the Product Gym process. If the member chooses to delay, prolong, and/or procrastinate on the branding and application process, then we cannot provide a refund.

  3. After applying and following the Product Gym process, the member has not seen any results defined by interview requests, phone screenings, or case studies from companies expressing interest in the member’s candidacy.

  4. Changing your goals, changing your mind, or not following through on your commitments are not valid reasons

If within these 30 days, a refund request is made AND the member has fulfilled the Member Agreement and followed our Product Gym process with no results, a refund will be considered. 


All deposits and payments are final and will not be refunded after payment is submitted.


If you believe you qualify for a refund or to redeem the guarantee, you must submit your application no later than thirty (30) days from the Termination Date, pursuant to the instructions outlined in this document. The request must be in the form required by Product Gym but at a minimum shall include:

  • Your name

  • Documentation of all classes, coaching calls, member-led session attended

  • Documentary proof that you have satisfied all eligibility requirements, including proof that you have complied with the Program Deliverables. It is your burden to prove you qualify for the Guarantee or Refund. Product Gym has no obligation to preserve any records related to your qualification of this Guarantee or Refund.

  • If requested by Product Gym, pay stubs from all positions, regardless of the nature of the position you have held in the previous eighteen (18) months.

  • If requested by Product Gym, your most recent tax return.

  • A certification under penalty of perjury that you are eligible for the Guarantee or refund.

Failure to submit all required information within the required thirty (30) day period following the Termination Date is grounds for denial of the Guarantee. It is your responsibility to provide all necessary documentation.

Product Gym reserves the right to request additional documentation necessary to assess your eligibility. You shall provide any required documentation within five (5) business days of request or your Guarantee or Refund may be denied.


If Product Gym determines you have not met all eligibility requirements for the Guarantee, it will deny your request in writing. Product Gym will consider all requests in good faith, but is not required to provide any reasoning on its decision to you. Any denial is final.


If Product Gym determines you have met the eligibility requirements for a refund of the Guarantee, your membership obligation to Product Gym shall be forgiven.

To the extent you paid for some or all of your membership fee through a cash payment to Product Gym, Product Gym will refund this amount to you without interest. 

You are solely responsible for any tax consequences of any refund from the Guarantee. Please consult your tax advisor for any questions.

In addition, if you accept the/any refunded amount related to the Program or Guarantee, the following shall occur:

  • You will lose all access to Product Gym related member services.

  • You will be removed from any tools, databases, communications systems, or other benefits provided to Product Gym members.

  • You will have no future access to Product Gym’s membership training, events, curriculum, or learning kits.


Member Code of Conduct 

Members must follow our Code of Conduct or otherwise be subject to withdrawal from Product Gym and/or loss of membership privileges.


Product Gym is the sole arbiter of Member Code of Conduct, except as provided under state and/or Federal law. We reserve the right to add or remove rules at any time, and apply them as we see fit. The purpose of this clause is to enable flexibility with regards to the Member Code of Conduct.


Product Gym’s Member Code of Conduct is enforced through a system of strikes. As detailed below, the Member can earn strikes for attendance violations, failure to communicate with Members’ Coach, failure to update their program coursework, and failure to comply with the Member code of conduct or coach instructions. Members who accrue 3 strikes during the engagement with Product Gym will be dismissed with non-refundable payment. Strikes will be audited and given on a case-by-case basis, if a refund is requested.


Product Gym is a remote program. During the Member’s engagement with Product Gym, the Member must be diligent in completing all work and deliverables assigned by their coach and this program. Failure to complete any work as per specified  is grounds for dismissal. Transitioning quickly into a new career requires absolute commitment and energy from the member during the ENTIRE period.


Attitude is defined as a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. Product Gym Members and Staff have diverse backgrounds. Members are required to contribute to creating a positive experience for everyone by being respectful, tolerant, open-minded, and coachable.

Product Gym strives for a welcoming place to learn with encouragement, support, and active listening. Members are likewise required to respect Product Gym’s Confidentiality & Limited License for Use.    


To be invited to join Product Gym, you’ve demonstrated you have a natural or learned ability to follow instructions without being told the same thing multiple times. You have basic computer skills and fundamental communication abilities in the English language. We expect you to maintain this level of excellence you demonstrated during your admissions process throughout your Product Gym Membership.  


You’re excited to work in sales, join the tech industry, challenge yourself and help others. You understand the bigger the problems you help others solve, the more money you can make. You’re motivated not to work more hours, but to be paid more per hour so you have more time to do the things that matter most to you.


Accountability means following through with your commitments, promises, and showing respect for other peoples’ time. Accountability includes an expectation that you achieve your Program Deliverables, promptly respond to any and all communication from potential employers or Product Gym — and be on time to all scheduled meetings, job interviews, and other scheduled obligations. Until this Agreement terminates, any communication received from Product Gym must be responded to within two (2) business days. As a Product Manager you are expected to manage multiple relationships, which includes returning communications promptly.  This is one of the primary skills needed to be a successful Product Manager.


Having Coachability or being coachable means you’re leaving room for the possibility that there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could make you even better. Coachable Members are willing to relinquish control to improve their performance and accept feedback without becoming ruffled, angry, or dejected. You are expected to implement things you learn in the Coursework and implement instructions from your Product Gym Mentors. Being Coachable is crucial not only for your success at Product Gym, but also in your career.


Members are required to complete all Program Deliverables on time.


Product Gym encourages Members to proactively reach out to their instructors, coaches, or other Members for help. The Product Gym community is a strong network of like-minded professionals who are willing to go out of their way to assist one another. This is one of the key benefits of membership.  Take advantage of this support network!


You will get out of your Product Gym Membership what you put into your Product Gym Membership. Our members, staff, and community are here to help you succeed. If you don’t respect your time or theirs, you will not get the most out of your Membership Privileges. Failure to duly and timely respond and resolve communication requests, whether sent to you via text, email, or phone call, may show a disregard for your or Product Gym’s time, or your inability to manage your own time well (both are qualities expected of successful Product Managers). Continued use of all your Membership Privileges requires respect and professionalism to be shown to your fellow Members and Product Gym staff. Having Product Gym on your resume does not guarantee that you will get hired. Following the Product Gym Program, Process, and Mindset is what will result in success. 


Consistent attendance is essential for members to be successful in the program. Additionally, since members work directly with coaches, instructors and their peers, if a member misses their coaching sessions with their coach, the coach loses an opportunity to help another member during that same time. This is similarly true for instructor classes and member led sessions.

Product Gym makes no distinctions between tardiness and absence. There are no excused/unexcused absences; an absence for whatever reason, no matter how justified, reduces the amount of coaching/instruction time by the same amount. In the rare circumstance that an absence is excused, this does not waive Product Gym’s right to fully enforce its attendance policy.

Product Gym should be informed if the Member will be late or absent. If the Member will be late or absent, they must email/text/call Product Gym or their coach with at least a 6 hour notice. If Product Gym does not receive such notice, the member may be assigned a strike for failure to notify.


Product Gym is a respectful and welcoming environment for all. It is a place to learn and connect with other like-minded individuals. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination and all forms of harassment, including but not limited to discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, religious affiliation, or disability. We aim to create a community of mutual trust and the absence of intimidation, disparagement, and exploitation. Member hereby promises to not make or publish any statement (orally, electronically or in writing), or instigate, assist or participate in the making or publication of any statement, which would or could be reasonably likely to libel, slander or disparage (whether or not such disparagement legally constitutes libel or slander), expose to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or otherwise reflect negatively upon or to the detriment of Product Gym, Product Gym staff, or Product Gym Members. Members and staff must be able to work and learn in a safe, yet stimulating atmosphere. As such, Product Gym will not tolerate any form of disparagement, verbal or written, designed to threaten or intimidate others, which includes but is not limited to the following: verbal or written harassment, comments that are offensive or unwelcome regarding a person’s nationality, origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, body, disability or appearance, epithets, slurs and negative stereotyping. Nonverbal harassment includes distribution, display or discussion of any written or graphic material that ridicules, denigrates, insults, belittles or shows hostility, aversion or disrespect toward an individual or group because of national origin, race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, appearance, disability, sexual identity, marital or other protected status. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate dismissal from the membership without refund and with possibility for legal action.


Product Gym owns, and shall retain exclusive ownership, of its curriculum, methods, equipment, and other intellectual property (“Product Gym’s IP”). By admitting a Member, Product Gym grants Member access and use of Product Gym’s IP. Such access and use shall be construed as limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, and revocable at Product Gym’s sole discretion. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, the license and use of Product Gym’s IP shall expire upon Member’s cancellation, withdrawal, dismissal or natural matriculation from Product Gym’s program.

Member (including Member’s heirs, estate, successors, agents, representatives or assignees) agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Product Gym (including its agents, employees, officers, directors, successors, assignees, representatives and coaches) against any and all claims, actions, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fee, arising out of any action or claim brought by a third party resulting from Members use of Product Gym’s IP. Any unauthorized use or distribution of Product Gym’s IP shall be considered a violation of this Agreement as well as New York and Federal law. Members and Product Gym agree that monetary damages alone for a breach or misuse of Product Gym’s IP are insufficient. In addition to monetary damages, or any other legal recourse, immediate injunctive relief is appropriate to prevent further harm. Such injunctive relief may be sought in any duly authorized court within the United States, regardless of any other venue provisions within this Agreement.


This is not a comprehensive list of rules. The Member may receive additional instructions from coaches regarding staying on task, or showing respect to the coach and others. It is important to follow these additional instructions. Failure to follow all coach instructions can result in additional strikes or dismissal.


The undersigned member fully understands that this program is NOT licensed by the New York State Education Department or any regulatory government agency. The coaches and programs being provided have NOT been approved and are NOT under the New York State Education Department’s jurisdiction.

Members attending candidate schools have no recourse through the Department’s member complaint process nor have any restitution available from the Tuition Reimbursement Account. The Department’s Tuition Reimbursement Account cannot be accessed by members of candidate schools. This applies regardless of whether a refund is warranted by the candidate school that it refuses to issue, or even if the candidate school closes without fulfilling its contractual obligations to the member.


As a participant in the Product Gym Coaching Program (the “Program”), the Member knowingly and voluntarily agrees to assume any and all risks and liabilities associated with participation in this Program. In exchange for being permitted to participate in the Program, the Member agrees to the following:

I voluntarily and without reservation, and realizing the full legal significance of my action, hereby waive and release, on behalf of myself, my agents, my heirs and my estate, all claims and liabilities of whatever nature against Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, employees, agents, successors and/or assigns, including, but not limited to, claims of any injury (including death), loss, damage, accident arising from any act or omission of any entity or individual, or for any other cause whatsoever arising out of, resulting from or in connection with the above referenced Program.

Further, the Member accepts responsibility for any injury (including, but not limited to personal, injury, disability, dismemberment and death), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability or expense, of any kind or nature, that the Member or Members property may suffer, and agree to forever release the Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, agents, successors and/or assigns, from any liability arising from any such risks. The Member fully and voluntarily assume all risks and liability associated with any participation in the Program including, without limitation, the risk of any negligence or recklessness or failure to act, by other participants or others, and the risk of injury caused by the condition of any property, facilities or equipment used during the Program and the Member agrees to waive and forever release, on behalf of myself, my heirs, my successors and/or assigns and my estate, any claim against Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, agents, successors and/or assigns alleged to be caused by

such negligent or reckless actions, or failure to act, or the condition of any property, facilities or equipment used during the Program.

The Member agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Product Gym and their representatives, directors, officers, agents, successors and/or assigns, for any and all losses, damages, expenses, claims, suits or judgments and liabilities (including any and all costs and expenses, but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements if assessed by a court of competent jurisdiction) of any nature arising out of, or in consequence of, the Member acts, words, conduct, etc. in connection with the Program including, but not limited to, damage to property, any injuries or death sustained by any person(s).

The Member understands that this section will be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.


For a period of two-years following the Termination Date, Product Gym reserves the right to audit any records you have provided related to the Guarantee or any communications made to Product Gym. You must therefore retain all documents related to your Guarantee for three (3) years following your Product Gym graduation. You must also provide Product Gym any information requested to substantiate your eligibility for a Guarantee, including but not limited to your tax returns so that Product Gym can confirm you did not earn the Qualifying Amount.

If Product Gym determines that you provided any false information it may revoke the grant of your Guarantee and you will be responsible for your payments plus any accrued interest.


As the exclusive means of initiating adversarial proceedings to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement, your Product Gym membership fees, or your payments to Product Gym (other than any proceeding commenced by either party seeking an injunction, a restraining order, or any other equitable remedy or a proceeding commenced by either party in small claims court), either party may demand that the dispute be resolved by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Consumer Arbitration Rules available at If AAA is completely unavailable, and if you and Product Gym cannot agree on a substitute, then either you or Product Gym may request that a court appoint a substitute. The rules in this arbitration agreement will be followed if there is disagreement between the agreement and the arbitration forum’s procedures. Judgment on any award rendered in any such arbitration may be entered in any court having jurisdiction. This arbitration agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA).

Any such arbitration must be conducted by one arbitrator. If the claim is for $25,000 or less, you may choose whether the arbitration will be conducted (1) solely on the basis of documents submitted to the arbitrator or (2) through a non-personal appearance based telephone or virtual hearing.




You and Product Gym hereby waive your respective right to a trial by jury in any proceedings arising out of this agreement, your Product Gym tuition, or your payments to Product Gym.


For a notice under this agreement to be valid, it must be in writing and delivered by email to (in the case of an email message from you to Product Gym) or to the most current email address in Product Gym’s records (in the case of an email message from Product Gym to you). It will be deemed to have been received when sent, even if the sender receives a machine-generated message that delivery has failed.

If a party sending an email notice under this agreement receives a machine-generated message that delivery has failed, for that notice to be valid the sender must deliver to the intended recipient a tangible copy of that notice with end-to-end tracking and all fees prepaid to the address stated at the top of this agreement (in the case of delivery by you to Product Gym) or to the most current address in Product Gym’s records (in the case of notice from Product Gym to you).

Product Gym may change this notice address by providing notice to you.


You must notify Product Gym no later than thirty (30) days after change in your primary residence, your phone number, email address, or any other contact information you previously provided to Product Gym.


Delaware law governs all adversarial proceedings arising out of this agreement and the Guarantee.


You may not transfer (1) any discretion granted under this agreement, (2) any right to satisfy a condition under this agreement, (3) any remedy under this agreement, or (4) any obligation imposed under this agreement. Any purported transfer in violation of the previous sentence will be void.

Product Gym may transfer all or part of its interest in this agreement with or without notice. All of your rights and obligations under this agreement, including terms and payments will remain unchanged in the event of a transfer by Product Gym.


The liability of Product Gym under this agreement is limited to the aggregate of tuition paid or owed to Product Gym under your enrollment agreement. Only the limitations legally applicable to you will apply to the maximum extent permitted by law.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Product Gym regarding the Guarantee. Prior communications verbal or written shall be of no further effect or evidentiary value.


You acknowledge that if a dispute between the parties arises out of this agreement, your Product Gym membership fee, or your payments to Product Gym, you would want the court to interpret this agreement as follows:

  • With respect to any provision that it holds to be unenforceable, by modifying that provision to the minimum extent necessary to make it enforceable or, if that modification is not permitted by law, by disregarding that provision;

  • if an unenforceable provision is modified or disregarded in accordance with this section, by holding that the rest of the agreement will remain in effect as written;

  • by holding that any unenforceable provision will remain as written in any circumstances other than those in which the provision is held to be unenforceable; and

  • if modifying or disregarding the unenforceable provision would result in failure of an essential purpose of this agreement, by holding the entire agreement unenforceable.


Program Deliverables & Process

The Member agrees to:

  1. Work swiftly, promptly, and diligently to complete all assigned deliverables defined by the below: Post any and all relevant questions pertaining to the PG process in designated the Circle Space

  2. Submit their branding materials via JIRA per the Member Portal details, and get their branding materials approved within 30 calendar days of signing up

  3. Start applying within 2 weeks after the approval of their branding materials, and send a minimum of 20 applications per business day

  4. Share their personal application tracker to or other designated Product Gym staff via Google Docs

  5. Insert Application Numbers Daily on the Daily Application Tracker

  6. Post their accrued Interviews on the Circle Interviews Space Weekly

  7. Transcribe any interviews for assessment by PG’s coaches within 6 hours and uploading on the correct channels

  8. Attend at least 80% of all instructional sessions hosted by PG

  9. Adhere to the structure of PG’s job application processes, including the commitment to number of positions applied, time spent applying, and other deliverables as defined by Product Gym

  10. Understands that Product Gym does not explicitly promise or guarantee interviews, offers, or contact from recruiters or internal hiring departments of prospective companies. 

  11. Take Full Responsibility – legal, reputational, or otherwise – for any final communication regarding your current or past work history, compensation, etc. as per the above Release of Liability

  12. The Understanding that Product Gym provides only consulting, guidance, and coaching. You are responsible for all deliverables that Product Gym suggests but understand that you bear all responsibilities and consequences for such services

  13. Confidentiality of PG’s Coaches identities, processes, practices, materials, conversations, and any other work identifiable or produced during your time with PG

  14. This membership is lifetime or until the expiry of the business entity of Product Gym. Terms and conditions, listed in this document, apply.

PG uses a proven, process-driven methodology to maximize the results for its members. You understand that a lack of adherence to these processes will drastically affect the results of the services provided to you.

Failure or negligence in completing the deliverables set forth by your Product Gym will directly and negatively impact these results. Deviating from these deliverables and processes,

  1. You understand that you forfeit your right to receive any refund of fees paid to Product Gym.

  2. Product Gym also reserves the right to terminate the relationship and service at any time upon evaluation of negligent deliverables.


As a member, if you choose to redeem the Guarantee or request a refund, you will be expected to provide documentary proof of all your Program Deliverables, job search activity as required by the Product Gym. 

Additionally, you also agree to:

● Report, in the manner required by Product Gym, all job offers (salaried, hourly, contractor, or otherwise), interviews, and other positions within three (3) business days. This obligation includes reporting job offers and positions (i) for roles related or unrelated to my Product Gym program and (ii) regardless of amount.

● Meet, as requested, with any member of Product Gym to discuss my job search. You may cancel no more than two (2) of these meetings unless otherwise arranged and approved by Product Gym in writing.

● Respond to any and all communications (email or inquiry) from the Product Gym team within three (3) business days with the information requested unless otherwise arranged and approved by Product Gym in writing.

 Acknowledgement of Agreement

By my acknowledgment above, I attest that I have read, understood, and accept the limitations indicated on this document. 

If by the next Saturday of my course enrollment date, I do not have any questions or contest the above limitations and terms, I agree to all terms above, as stated. 

I understand that if I fail to achieve any items listed under Program Deliverables that I will not qualify for the Guarantee and will not be eligible for refund of my membership fee or cancellation of any dues and payments made to Product Gym. 

I understand that this is a legally binding contract. I have read, understood, and agreed to my rights and responsibilities.