How to Transition from Management Consulting to Product Management

Product Gym helped me land 10+ PM interviews a week, and ultimately, helped me land the PM role that I wanted.

What was your Background Prior to Product Management?

Prior to working in product, I was definitely a bit of a journey man. I got my career started in sports, ended up moving to food services, worked in sales, insurance, and finance. I ended up working in operations at an energy company where I finally got an opportunity to help build out a product. So, that’s kind of where I got my start in product.

After you Joined Product Gym, How many Interviews were you Averaging a Week?

Ultimately when things started picking up, there was a point where I was taking 10 interviews a week. At first, it starts slower, about 5 interviews a week. When you start getting to the second rounds with a few companies, you still have your first rounds with the others and eventually, you’re at 10-15 interviews a week. It’s pretty wild in comparison before working with you guys; I was never even close to generating that many interviews by myself. I was doing one interview a week if I was lucky.

What is Some Advice you Can Offer to those Currently Going Through the Job Hunt?

First and foremost, take care of yourself physically and mentally. If you are not physically and mentally sound, you are not going to do well in the interview process. So whether that be, going to the gym, maintaining your relationships, meditating, do that. I am not a natural interviewer, but Product Gym was able to help me get there. They have processes that they have the members follow and if you just continue to get those reps in, you’ll get better and ultimately, you’ll get that job. Lastly, this applies for me in life and certainly applies to trying to get a product manager job, just when you’re on the cusp of giving up or quitting, is when you get that breakthrough. So, keep driving and keep working. Don’t get discouraged and you will get there.

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