Our primary instructors are product management fanatics that are dedicated to sharing the best knowledge for product development. They all hold senior product management positions at top tech companies such as Google, LinkedIn and Spotify. In addition, they come from a non-traditional product management background and have all successfully made a transition into their current roles.


Our subject-matter-experts provide the depth of product management insight that no other product management course can offer. Simply put, you will only be able to make a successful transition if you know who will be working with on a daily basis. Product Gym’s Experts include Tech Leads from Google to Data Scientists at SpaceX - all who ready and willing to share their experience with aspiring PM’s like yourself



Product Gym Instructor Yohan

Yohan Rizk

Tech Lead at Google

Yohan loves everything about Android development along with the possibilities of what can be done with the platform to better the human experience. Yohan loves that his work can reach billions of people. Prior to his current role, Yohan has also led Android development at Buzzfeed.



Product Gym instructor Rod


Manager of Product Management at KPMG

Rod is a proven Product Developer and Marketer, Revenue Growth Strategist, and Start-Up Launcher. During is career, Rod has successfully launched over 30 new products, websites, campaigns and marketing strategies. In addition, he also has a strong background in user experience, metric driven decision making, and content strategy.

Product Gym Instructor Calvin


Product Manager at Bento Box

Prior to his current position, Calvin worked as a Product Manager for eXelate, A Nielsen Company. Calvin has a Bachelor in Economics from New York University as well as a minor in Entertainment, Media, and Technology.



Product Gym Instructor Cody

Cody Chang

Senior Product Manager at LearnVest

Cody is an entrepreneur with experience in innovating and launching both soft and hardware products. Outside of his professional life, Cody continues to breathe progress - whether that's framing the perfect shot in photography, the most elegant calligraphy brush stroke, or the last riposte in a foil fencing bout. Cody has a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College.

Product Gym Instructor Thomas

Thomas Noh

Product Manager at Investopedia

Thomas is a left-brain thinker with a right-brain philosophy. He is at his best when building technology that solve complex problems facing consumers today. By sitting at the intersection of business and technology, Thomas has an eye for solving problems and creating great products people will love. Thomas has a BS in Finance from Boston University.



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