How to Transition from Programming to Product Management


Thanks to Product Gym, I managed to land two PM job offers.

What Were Your Challenges During The Job Hunt? How Did Product Gym Help?

In my case, I had done so much that I had a hard time showcasing the skills that mattered. I was too spread out. Product Gym helped me improve my pitch in terms of what I brought to the table, depending on what the interviewer or company that was hiring me wanted. It’s that “less is more” philosophy. I really think having that help by talking to other members, coaches and mentors really helped me refine my strategy, add that finesse in terms of showcasing what matters, and really sticking with the “less is more” philosophy.

After Joining Product Gym, How Many Interviews Were You Averaging A Week?

In terms of the effort put in, I submitted 30 applications a day, and was doing anywhere between five to 15 interviews a week. I had a conversion funnel where it showed the amount of interviews in each round and I would look at my drop-offs. I would reach out to the Product Gym team and see how I can improve. It was a lot of effort, but we all need game time experience. If you look at any successful athlete, one of the reasons why they are successful is the more game time experience they have, the better they get. You can always get back in the nets and improve your swing, but I think that Product Gym allows you to get that “game time experience.”

What Are Some Words Of Wisdom You Can Give To Current Or Prospective Product Gym Members?

Everybody’s journey is unique. There is a propensity to compare yourself to others in your product management journey especially if you’re transitioning to a different background. At the end of the day, just focus on your strengths and keep grinding. It will come. If you’re smart about it, it’ll just happen sooner. Lastly, failure is a state of mind.

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