How to Transition from Operations to Product Management

I'm loving my Product Management career, and I have to owe it to Product Gym. I'm thankful for the people over there, and I'm glad I'm able to support them.

What’s your Background Like?

I started working at startups in e-commerce. Those companies that wanted to operate at a global scale. After a while working with startups, I actually moved over to Amazon, where I became an Operational Specialist. After a while at Amazon, I worked at another small startup that was more or less an expansion marketing company. After all of this experience, I began learning about building projects, and from all of my personal experiences, I actually realized that I really enjoyed building projects myself.

How did you Learn About Product Gym?

After I learned that I loved building projects and working on them, I realized that I also had the experience of working with a lot of different stakeholders to create something meaningful – something game-changing for both the company and the customers. That’s when I began thinking: I want to combine these two elements and work with these two elements professionally. I stumbled upon the Product Management field and discovered that that was what I had been searching for exactly. I decided to attend a bunch of different meetups, and events that relate to that field, so I could get closer to getting that goal job. That was how I came across Product Gym.

What was your Biggest Challenge Prior to Job Hunting Before Product Gym?

Before Product Gym, the hardest challenge that I faced was definitely trying to get noticed. Product Management is very different from organization to organization. Every company has their own needs, and what kind of Product Manager they need. It’s such a diverse field, which can be what makes it extremely challenging to get into. When you send your resume out to a company to review, you just don’t know what to highlight, and what not to when you’re applying to such a big role with different branches. I didn’t even know where to start at the beginning because I usually wasn’t getting any responses back from the recruiters.

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