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Selenium Testing — a Beginners Guide

Selenium Testing — A Beginners Guide

What is Selenium Testing?

Selenium is a free and open-source automated testing framework that is on an upwards trend in popularity because of the benefits it brings to the testing and development of software. Jason Huggins developed Selenium automation to test the framework of web applications across various platforms.
Selenium was originally created in 2004 as an internal tool at ThoughtWorks. Later, Huggins paired with a development team to push the software into a new light. The tool became open source, so it was widely available. From here, it became popularized in the automation testing community and today is used across a variety of platforms.
The benefits of Selenium range greatly, which is why it is a popular choice for framework testing. Among these benefits are

  • It is open-source and free for use.
  • Developed to run tests fast and efficiently while also providing the ability to run several tests in a reusable approach.
  • Selenium is community-based, meaning it receives continuous updates to remain functional for the user.
  • It can be run on various operating systems, including Mac, Windows, UNIX, and Linux.
  • Selenium automation testing supports the use of an extensive array of languages.
Components of Selenium Automation

Selenium is composed of 3 main components that play a unique role in the testing process. To gather the complete picture of Selenium and how it works for framework testing, it is important to understand what each component does.

Selenium IDE

IDE stands for the integrated development environment, a software application that supplies comprehensive facilities to computer programmers and software developers. Executed as a Firefox Add-On and Chrome extension, IDE is responsible for recording, editing, and debugging functional tests.

Selenium Remote Control

The Client API, Selenium Remote Control, allows tests to be written in languages other than Selenese, such as Java, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and Python. However, RC was replaced by Selenium Webdriver during the release of Selenium 2.

Selenium Webdriver

Selenium Webdriver is the core of Selenium testing. Like Remote Control, Webdriver can send test commands in various languages to the browser. Webdriver sends the orders to the browser and retrieves test results via a browser-specific browser driver.

Becoming a Test Engineer (300)

A test engineer uses automation testing programs such as Selenium to complete desired tasks. With automation testing programs, the test engineer will have a lower risk of human-made errors and is more user-friendly than other testing methods.
To become a Selenium test engineer, you will need to understand the full job description and the skills required to enter the testing field on a fundamental level.

Job Description
  • A Selenium automation tester is required to complete a variety of tasks successfully. For example, here are the main 5 jobs that Selenium test engineers will be needed to do.
  • They will design and write testing scripts for the program
  • Required to investigate problems arising in the software
  • Must be able to define testing strategies
  • Will be responsible for the process, implementation, and monitoring of testing
  • Will resolve bugs where needed in the software
Required Skills
  • To begin your Selenium testing career, you will need to acquire a few skills to enter the field on a basic level. These skills include
  • Basic knowledge of test architecture
  • Solid understanding of computer programming languages
  • How to design framework tests
  • Understand the basics of software development
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot
  • Well-versed in the creation of test strips
  • Active communication and time management skills
Job and Salary Trends

Once you have learned how to effectively conduct all the necessary job descriptions and obtained the required skills, you can begin your Selenium testing job. In recent years, Selenium test jobs have been on the uprise. The current average salary for a test engineer is USD 60,000. However, many test engineers can see upwards of USD 90,000+ even in entry-level positions.
How do you learn to achieve the skills required to become a successful test engineer and learn the Selenium testing automation software?


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