How to Transition from Accounting to Product Management


Thanks to Product Gym, I managed to land two product manager job offers.

How did you Feel About Coming Back into the Job Hunt after Being with a Company for 10 Years?

I had confidence in my skills, but it’s been so long since I’ve done a job search and updated my resume. I realized that I wanted to be as efficient about the process as possible. I wasn’t an expert in job hunting and that’s why I decided to Product Gym because I didn’t want to waste any time. I wanted to start off on as good of a foot as possible and just get going. I leveraged Product Gym to review my resume and iterated on a cover letter, and got out of the gates fast. I attributed a lot to wanting to do it from the beginning and not waste effort, so I joined Product Gym early in the process almost right after I got laid off.

After Joining Product Gym, How Many Interviews were you Averaging a Week? How Long did the Entire Job Hunting Process Take?

I think I was averaging about nine to ten. I could’ve gone after it a lot harder for sure, and I think that I would have if I was not getting results, but I was getting results doing what I was doing. The process took about two and a half months.

What are Some Words of Encouragement do you Have for a Demographic that’s Very Similar to yours and Thinking About Joining Product Gym?

First off, just take a step back. My advice to anyone in our industry regardless of the situation to start with, I think we should all feel very lucky. We’re not in the service industry; we actually have a chance to actually get jobs. So the first thing is gratitude that you are even able to hunt for a job effectively. The next thing is to think about what your strengths are and just have faith in yourself. If you’re not comfortable, I can tell you that no one is really comfortable and I can guarantee you that. There are definitely mistakes that I’ve made along the way and I try to learn from those and focus on the process, more so than the results. If you do that, I think it will make you feel more at ease during the interviews, and at the end of the day, there’s a lot of things that you can’t control anyways.

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