The 40-Year-Old's Intro to Breaking Into Product Management


It’s never too late to transition into Product Management! Hear directly from Product Gym Instructor and Member, Jason Glassman, who made the mid-career transition to Product Management without any formal experience in the industry, and decided to create a course for people looking to break into Product Management, facing the same challenges. Learn more about his course below!

The Main Takeaways:

  • The Mistakes to Avoid
  • The 3 Systems of Product Management Interviewing
  • Addressing Common Questions & Challenges
  • Bonus Interview Technique

About the Presenter

Jason Glassman has over 10+ years of product management experience. Prior to his current role at GlossGenius, he was a Senior Product Manager at Xasis, a company focused on AI technology, utilizing machine learning and custom algorithms to optimize against business goals.

Before his time at Xasis, he worked his way up to VP of Product at Firstborn, a company well known for its design and innovation. Jason also has massive experience working as a Creative Director and a background in marketing and advertising.

This course will go over EVERYTHING you need to know about breaking into Product Management, as well as common mistakes to avoid, the 3 systems of product management interviewing, common questions and challenges, and more!

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