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The Prospect of Information Technology Career and Why You Should Choose It?

The Prospect Of Information Technology Career And Why You Should Choose It

Today Information technology experts are among some of the highest-paid professionals in the world, does that mean every Tom, Dick, and Harry should shove their current jobs for IT jobs? The answer is No.

We love our pay packets, but do we love what we do? To be an IT professional requires some degree of passion from your end before you can delve into it, the profession needs people who think outside the box. Examples of IT jobs are Software Development, Web Development, Software Testing, Software QA Automation, Data Science, Networking, etc.

As an IT person into some of the significant IT-related fields like software development or software testing, the salary ranges from your level of experience and where you are located.

A software engineer in Silicon Valley is going to earn more than the one in Michigan; this is assuming all things being equal. 

It is also possible to see a software engineer with a 0-5 years’ experience earning below $65000/year while those with a bit more experience making above the like of 6-10 years of experience earn below $85000/year and the disparity in experience and locations continues to show on every trend in the industry.

Similarly, under the IT profession, quite a lot of jobs that require expertise do exist, the remuneration ranges from as much as a $100000/year and upwards. The welfare packages are also perfect. IT department is one of the central units in an organization, therefore more is leaning towards providing top-notch welfare packages that will entice the best IT brains to stay at a particular firm.

It is one of the highest paying jobs because of the technicalities involved in getting one. The demand, for now, outweighs the number of IT professionals we can find on the field. Professional bodies of IT-related jobs are quite extreme in vetting their members to sanitize the profession

If you think the growth of IT professionals is rapid, then the potential career growth for individuals is better. Today, people who went into learning coding at boot camps are manning positions like QA Automation and other related ones in organizations.

The training usually requires attending a technical school or a boot camp that offers what you would have a passion for in a career.

In all, the IT profession is rapidly growing, and our kids are growing up with that mentality of being tech-conscious, from our phones, remotes, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc.