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Why Is Product Management Important?

Does the world still need Product Managers? The simple answer to this trending question is yes. Product management is kind of our bread and butter here at Product Gym and we can assure you, the industry is alive and well.

Not only is product management not going anywhere, but now may actually be the best time to dive in and become a Product Manager. What makes product management important? Let’s show you the facts. 

Product Management Is Not Easily Outsourced

Companies are always going to need problem solvers who are in the trenches each day. We have seen a lot of companies, especially over the last year due to the pandemic, outsource jobs overseas. They realized that a lot of work can be done remotely with little to no negative side effects. If product management was one of those jobs, it would have been outsourced by now. 

Product management is a very demanding job that takes a special type of worker. It is a very necessary component in the tech hierarchy. Due to the nature of the position, companies prefer to hire someone who is able to be present each day in the company. 

People Love the Product Manager Life

There is no shortage of aspiring Product Managers mostly because of the lifestyle that product management can result in. Those of you who have an interest in product management are undoubtedly entrepreneurial. Even if you don’t aspire to be the founder of your own company some day, you have that drive inside of you that product management attracts. 

93% of the people that we talk to at Product Gym say they want to join product management, or they want to transition to product management, because they want to start their own business someday. People feel that product management is the most authentic job to give them the training, the experience, and the expertise that they need to eventually start their own business. That is what keeps people interested in this career path. As long as workers are interested in becoming Product Managers, there will always be work for them. 

Product Managers Often Become Business Owners

After about three to five years in the Product Manager role, those who entered the field in the hopes of starting their own business often succeed. As Product Managers transition into founders, there are roles open that need to be filled and new roles created in that new company. 

There is no lack of talent or ambition in this country. As long as people continue to strive and seek out growth, there will be a need for Product Managers. There is likely someone looking to move up into your current position while you are looking to transition into product management. It is the way the corporate world goes ‘round.

Product Managers Play a Unique Role

At the end of the day, there is not another position in the company that will do what the Product Manager does. Their job is so unique. They’re the ones solving problems that nobody else wants to solve. They’re the ones managing the stakeholder expectations. They’re the ones that are setting up the roadmap, cleaning up the backlog. If Product Managers aren’t going to do it, who will? It takes such a unique personality, a determined individual, to be a successful Product Manager. 

It is likely that people are asking whether or not product management are important is because they do not know where to look to find product management positions and so don’t see the demand. The product management job hunt has changed dramatically over the last 18 months due to the pandemic. During that time, Product Gym membership has increased by three times, the number of offers that we have actually procured for our members went up by five times, and the total number of jobs has about doubled just between New York and San Francisco.

Here at Product Gym, we will not give up on you after a couple weeks of learning. We are prepared to stick it out with you until you secure a job as a Product Manager. Whether you need help writing your resume or preparing for your interview, we have the resources and the expertise to get you where you want to go. Schedule a free coaching call today to learn more about what the Product Gym community can do for you.