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What Is Product Gym?

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Product Gym is an exclusive membership community for aspiring and working Product Managers with multiple networking, career acceleration, and coaching development channels, all designed to help you achieve your goals.

  • More Phone Screens

Showing you how to Generate More Phone Screens is the first problem we help you solve at Product Gym. Your Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter will be optimized for Product Management Recruiters to call you.

  • More Interviews

An Onsite Interview is the natural byproduct of a great Phone Screen. Here at Product Gym, we show you how to focus on the part of your background that makes you think, speak, act and interview like a Product Manager.

  • More Offers

Generating More Offers is serious business and it is a skill you need to develop if you expect to land the RIGHT Product Manager job. Let one of our coaches help you navigate the offer and salary negotiation process with you. 

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How Product Gym Helps You

1. Contact Admissions

Click Contact Admissions to schedule a FREE Phone Consultation with a coach from our Admissions Team. A reminder will be sent to you via email prior to the consultation to submit your resume before hand. This would ensure a very productive Phone Consultation.

2. Speak with Our Admissions Team

One of our coaches from the Admissions team will conduct an assessment of what you are doing now for your Product Management transition in conjunction with the job you want. You will know in less than 30 minutes what you need to work on.

3. Meet with Our Coach

Unfortunately, there are only so many Product Manager positions in each city. There is no way we can accept everyone. During our In-Person Consultation we will discuss whether or not your goals are aligned with what Product Gym has to offer.

4. Enrollment

Upon Enrollment, you will be immediately placed into one of our classes. We designed our curriculum for students to jump in at any time. You will be given access to all necessary class materials via our Student Portal and begin taking the right steps towards the Product Manager job of your dreams.

Schedule a Call

We work with professionals looking to transition into product management, as well as junior to mid-level, experienced product managers looking to make a career acceleration. Schedule a free consultation with us so we can better assess your background for program fit.