How to Build Confidence: 5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence for Product Manager Job Interviews

Although it is not necessarily what a company is looking for when they review your resume, self-confidence is a key factor in landing the Product Manager position you are interviewing for. Wondering how to build confidence for your PM interview? You had enough self-confidence to apply for the job, so you’re halfway there! Now it is time to take that confidence into the interview. Confidence will help you perform better in your product management job interview and highlight your resilience and willingness to try new things. 

If you are experiencing fear of rejection or simply doubting your ability to land this new position, here are some top tips on how to build confidence before your product management job interview.

How to Build Confidence with Kindness: Positive Affirmations

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before, what you say to yourself matters. Well, it’s very true. Speaking positively to yourself and about yourself will boost your self-confidence. The key to positive affirmations is that you believe the words you are saying. Your affirmations need to feel obtainable. For example, before a product management job interview, you may say something like, “I am going to nail this interview and get the Product Manager job I am hoping for” because that is a completely believable and probable statement. 

If you have low self-confidence, you may want to start small with your affirmations so that you not only believe them but also see them come full circle. Be mindful of how you treat yourself. As a general rule of thumb, you should always talk to yourself the way you would talk to a loved one. If you would not assume their failure in a job interview, don’t assume your own. 

Practice Self Care

Although face masks and hot tea are a good place to start, that is not the extent of self-care to boost your self-confidence. Self-care also includes caring for your more basic needs such as showering, eating well, and getting enough sleep. When you are feeling your best overall, you will also feel better about yourself. 

Your appearance is also a component of self-care. How you dress not only affects how other people see you, but how you see yourself. Look good, feel good is more than just a catchy phrase. Dressing up can create the same effect as putting on a costume. You will assume the character of “successful Product Manager” when you believe you have dressed the part. 

Boost your Energy by Getting Active

Physical activity can help boost your self-confidence in so many ways. Exercise is proven to release chemicals in your brain that make you feel better. Doing something, even if it is just a quick walk, is almost always better than doing nothing. Both physically and mentally, exercise has the ability to make you feel better about yourself.

Not to mention, exercise is also a form of self-care that results in a healthier, more confident you. Making a commitment to yourself to be active and then fulfilling that commitment will give you a great sense of accomplishment. It can also work as a positive outlet for negative energy so that you don’t deflect that energy back onto yourself. 

Accomplish a Goal

Setting small, obtainable goals is a great way to build confidence. Keeping a log of all the goals you accomplish, big or small, will help you fight imposter syndrome by proving to yourself that you are capable of doing what you set out to do.

A great goal to start with that will positively affect your self-confidence is the goal to start accepting compliments. Tell yourself that from now on, when you receive a compliment you will accept it to be true instead of deflecting it. For days when your positive affirmations are falling short, listen and accept what your friends and family say about you as true.

Another obtainable and beneficial goal to set would be to clean off your desk at the end of each day. A clean workspace will make you feel more productive and encourage you to get your work done each day.

How to Build Confidence by Empowering Yourself

One of the most effective ways to empower yourself for a product management job interview is through knowledge and preparation. Take some time to research the company’s history and values, read first-hand accounts of the interview process on glassdoor, and brush up on the roles and responsibilities of team members employed there.

Once you’ve made yourself an expert on the company, you’ll have a better idea of what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate. Look for gaps in your resume that you can fill through online training. You’ve given yourself the tools you need to be prepared. Now you can show them how you fit that role.

You can also research common interview questions to prepare and empower yourself with knowledge. Once you know what questions to expect, you can feel confident that you’ll be less likely to encounter a curveball in the interview. By setting aside the time to prep your interview answers, you’ll also ensure your responses are ready to go: you can speak confidently in the interview knowing exactly what you want to touch on.

If you’re looking to learn how to build confidence right before a Product Manager interview, take some time to list all of your strengths and the traits that make you a good Product Manager. Choose one of these topics and write a few sentences about how this characteristic makes you a valuable candidate. Review this list and believe that these statements are true and that they will be seen and appreciated by the job that is best for you.

Get Confident!

There are many effective ways to boost your self-confidence but perhaps the key ingredient to it all is action. You must take action and put these tips into practice to create a more confident you. One of the first actions to take to prepare for your product management job interview is to set up a free call with our career coaches to learn more about how Product Gym can help you on the Product Manager job hunt.

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