How to Close More Product Manager Offers

You are going on tons of interviews and you make it to the final round every time. The problem and pain you are experiencing are you are not getting the offer. When you reach back out to the recruiter and hiring team, you are not rejected from the process. Yet, they will not extend the offer. What is going on? What is the problem? Is something wrong with me? What is this happening to me? All the time?

You did not close the people that you interviewed with, you are now stuck in Interstellar Territory. Remember that movie with Matthew McConaughey (spoiler alert!) towards the end of the movie he goes into a place where that’s between space and time. That is where you are right now. You are good enough for the job, they like what they see, but you didn’t close the sale for the offer. 

How to Close for the Offer?

This is where art and science intersect. You have to figure the core problem this team is trying to solve. Understand and learn more about the challenges Product Management teams face and position yourself as the perfect fit to alleviate some of that friction. This is why we always stress at Product Gym to treat yourself like a Product. You have to. You are going to be solving similar challenges once you start anyhow, so you might as well start right now.

These are just some of the challenges Product Management teams face on a daily basis:

Are We Building the Right Products

This is the by far one of the most difficult questions to answer for any Product team right now. No disrespect to some of the biggest Product Management Consultants and Authors out there, but the truth is NOBODY knows. Nobody! This is by far the bigger challenge. It is not knowing how to build the product, its know what product to build and why. So how do you, as a candidate going to help this organization or team solve this problem? By conducting proper market research. 

Which leads us to the next problem…

Establishing Priorities on the Roadmap without Actual Market Feedback

Before any product team can list the right priorities on a Roadmap (another fancy way to say plan), they first need to understand the needs and requirements of the end user. So why don’t we just ask?

My roadmap is being violated and assaulted with too many high-level ideas from high-level stakeholders with big egos that do not understand Product Management.

Which leads us to the next problem…

Do You Have Enough Data, No Data, the Right Data, or No Time?

Conducting the Right Market Research to validate whether the end user actually needs what you are building is paramount. The conclusion you need to ascertain here is does the market want what you have to offer? Yet, the way most work days are structured Product Managers seldom have the time, space, or suitable environment to spend their time on the right activities.

I am too distracted or busy being held hostage with meaningless (meaning I am reasonably intelligent, but I have absolutely no clue why I am even in these….) meetings to be able to gather the right market research and consumer feedback to improve the product. 

Which leads us to the next problem…

Following the Wrong Plan

Product Managers have often been dubbed as the “Mini CEO” of the product they are working on. Here are Product Gym, the feedback we gathered from actual Product Managers would suggest otherwise. The truth is, the CEO is the CEO of the product. You report, answer, and follow the orders of the CEO.

To appear look like a team player, I am building features that I do not know will be valuable to the end user; because I have no data or evidence to suggest so.

Which leads us to the next problem…

Protecting Your Developers and Designers from Nonsense

Imagine coming back from lunch to hear that a senior executive completely ignored protocol, rushed over to your developer(s), and decided to talk some nonsense.

I was reading this Harvard Business Review article and it seems like we can change the game by onboarding some Machine Learning here….

Let’s move over to road muck, I just watched a demo video on and it seems lit!

Do you ever wonder why people in technology DO NOT watch shows like Silicon Valley? It’s because that stuff they hit way too close to home. It’s not funny or entertaining for people to watch a show about the nonsense they have to go through all week on a Sunday night to remind themselves they are about to do it all over again in less than 12 hours.


We can spend an entire life going through all the nonsense Product Managers have to go through on a daily basis, if not hourly; but we do not have that kind of time. Think about all these challenges ask yourself how is wireframing going to help this team? It’s not! This is what people mean when they say you are the glue that binds the organization together because you are the person that is in the middle of all of this. Your job is to connect how you fit into their organization.

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