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How to increase your visibility to Product Manager Recruiters

May 22, 2018

How to increase your visibility to Product Manager Recruiters

If you are like me, then you are a big fan of the path to least resistance. There are only going to be so many positions you can apply to. Do you know that more than 80% of Product Manager positions are not posted on job boards?


The answer is that you do not! You do not know what you do not know. The only option you have is to optimize your LinkedIn Profile similar to how you would optimize a website that you are trying to drive traffic to. When recruiters are looking for Product Managers in your local city, do you know where you rank? Are you the first person that pops up or are you on the second page?

There are a few hiring challenges right now that you have to take advantage of:


Most resumes that recruiters sort every day from their inbox are very bad. Post your own Product Manager position on Indeed and validate this assumption for yourself. The majority of these resumes are bad, really bad. Out of 100 resumes, there are probably less than 5 applicants that recruiters will actually want to schedule a call with.



The majority of Product Managers that recruiters send LinkedIn InMails to will not respond. Why? Because these people are not looking. One of the key motivations people join Product Management in the first place is to be able to hone and develop the skills necessary for starting one’s own business. Are there not positions that you are receiving right now via LinkedIn that you do not care for? Most likely, there are positions being pitched to you in your inbox right now that you have no interest in ever applying to.

First Things First, Turn Off Your Notifications

Please make these updates ASAP! Please be sure to delete all irrelevant skills and BE SURE TO TURN OFF YOUR NOTIFICATIONS if you are concerned with your coworkers seeing your LinkedIn activity. You want to do this immediately.


This is not an official endorsement, but we have had coaching clients use this photographer before. https://www.photographybyyoni.com/

Here is a sample photo which was done by Yoni: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-beck-20827752/

You can also download iOS or Android headshot or photo apps as well.

Pro Tip: Please do not spend more time than you have to on the photo. It just has to be a big smile that is front facing and clean. Please do not shift your head to the left or right.


You want to list yourself as a Product Manager if you can. This will help with the optimization. If you are unable to call yourself a Product Manager; it is not the end of the world. Just reach out to us and we will help you come up with a game plan.


Less is definitely more in this section. Depending on your circumstances and constraints, it may be better to not write anything at all. The reason for this is that your biography can be interpreted in many different ways, which can be good and also bad. For recruiters, this is a process of the elimination game for them. From the moment the hiring team reviews your resume:

  • If they are looking for reasons to call you, there is always a reason to call you
  • When they have you on the phone, if they are looking for reasons to interview you in person; there is always a reason to interview you in person
  • When they have you in front of their face, if they are looking for reasons to hire you; there are always reasons to hire you.

They have to exercise the process of elimination. There is no other alternative for them. This is the way the game is structured and we have to adhere to these conditions.



Please change your title to ‘Product Manager’ or anything close to it if you can. This will mitigate a lot of the challenges you will have later. Recruiters will seldom talk to applicants who do not have the title or similar title if it is a way to out there.


Product Analyst

Product Marketing Analyst

Product Management Intern

Product Associate

Product Coordinator

Product … (anything)


Have as many icons as you possibly can. Blank images do not help you.



This is section listed directly underneath your title (under Experience).

Unless you are 100% adding the same bullets you have on your resume, then add the company’s About Us paragraph(s) under the titles. Do that even for positions you were promoted in and have two positions listed for the same company. Pro Tip: Recruiters love seeing your progress through the ranks.



Please schedule a call or attend one of our events for a complete list of steps you can take to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for more Product Manager Interviews right now.

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