How to Market Yourself as a Product Manager Podcast

You want to get the Product Manager job, but you do not have the experience. You know can make a positive impact, but you never held the title. So much of what you are doing right now is relevant to this job, but you do not know how to articulate it in an interview. You do not want to lie, but you do not have a better strategy. Sound familiar? It is okay! Everybody has felt the way you do at one point or another. The important thing you need to know is that you are not alone. There is no Product Manager Major or Concentration at the Bachelor, Masters, or even the Ph.D. level in most universities.

Just hop on LinkedIn and look up the Product Managers that are in your city right now. Do they all have a Computer Science or Engineering background? Did they all start out in a technical position? Were they all grandfathered in from another role within the same company and just happened to be lucky enough to make an internal transition? Probably not, right? So, if they are able to make the transition, why aren’t you? In this podcast, we are going to speak with a Product Gym alumni that just landed a Product Manager position coming from a Marketing and Advertising background that does not have any technical experience. We are going to learn from Jake, just exactly what he did to make a transition and how you can do so too.

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