How to Recover from Product Management Interview Rejection

Going after what you want in life requires a certain amount of courage that makes most people cringe. The truth is when you put yourself out there, give it your best, and things don’t work out; it hurts. It is painful. When people talk to our coaches at Product Gym, an underlying theme that we always seem to be able to identity is the fear of rejection and humiliation. Nobody wants to feel like a loser. Nobody wants to feel like they are not good enough. Nobody wants to feel like an impostor. But if you don’t go for it, how will you ever know?


Try some of these strategies for countering that nasty feeling of rejection!


Be Your Own Hero in Your Story

You are starring in your own movie right now and you have to be your own number one fan. You can’t expect anybody to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. Look at how far you have come! If you are coaching with us then surely you have made progress and you are just leveling up right now. Success doesn’t happen overnight.


Focus on the Next Interview

A reason to play the numbers game is to not give yourself the time to feel defeated and embarrassed. This is why we emphasize the need to play the numbers game. By that we mean: apply to as many position openings as you can. If you have enough interviews, then you won’t remember how bad the last one was.


Follow the Roadmap

When coaching at Product Gym, you are given specific KPIs to hit. Where are you in the map? What round of the interview are you struggling with?

  • Round 1?
  • Round 2?
  • Round 3?
  • Round 4?

Let us know which one you are struggling with so we can help!


Journal Your Frustration

It is not good to bottle up your negative emotions. A good way to release some tension and frustration is to journal about them. By putting your emotions on paper you can let those negative emotions go and focus on your next steps to get to where you want to be, instead of focusing on the past. Journaling about your experiences can also help you figure out some things you can improve on during your application and/or interviewing processes.

Journaling doesn’t necessarily have to be on paper either. If it makes you more comfortable, you can create a Word document and vent your emotions there. There are also plenty of online journaling websites that you can easily access from your phone. Don’t be afraid to find your own style of journaling and what works best for you.


First World Problems Are Solvable

Not being able to get a Product Manager job is a first world problem. Usually, first world problems have relatively easy fixes. Of course, job hunting is not as easy as reconnecting your WiFi or picking up whatever it was that you just dropped, but it is not impossible to achieve. Think of this whenever the feeling of rejection hits you. You can get through this and you will come out of this successfully!

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