How to Write a Good Product Manager Resume [PART 2]

When it comes to job hunting, resumes are essential. The main goal of your resume should be to answer the question “What differentiates you from other candidates?”

The first thing to note is that a Product Manager resume needs to be at least one and a half to two pages. Here are some things to consider when editing your resume.



Most recruiters now use recruiting software that sift and sort through resumes automatically and pick out which ones are worth the recruiter seeing. The way that these bots do this is by using predetermined keywords for a specific job description and comparing it to the keywords in the resumes to see which ones match. There are about 50 to 70 words that make up the product manager job description. The best way to assure that you resume gets past the bot and through to the recruiter is to make sure that you have the most important 20 keywords on your resume. If you’re not able to get past the bot, you will not be able to talk to a recruiter and if you can’t talk to a recruiter, then you can’t get past round one interviews.

These keywords differentiate you from the competition.

Placement of these keywords also play an important role. You want to make sure that your most recent skills go on top. The reason being that recruiters want to know which skills you have been using most recently.


Bullet Points

Unfortunately, from an aesthetics perspective, how your resume needs to be laid out is no more than five to six bullets per position. This makes it difficult to pack 20 major keywords into just six bullets, so pay close attention to your wording and use the most relevant keywords.

Try to keep your bullet points from being too general. Don’t be afraid to get specific with your bullets about your skills and experiences. If you have bullets you can actually talk about, it makes your interview so much easier.


Cover Letter

While we’re here, let’s quickly touch upon cover letters. To be quite honest, 99% of people will not read a cover letter, but it is still better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It is a good idea to have a cover letter that is well edited so you don’t get docked for your writing skills.

If you need additional help, we offer our students multiple battle tested and proven templates and educational videos on how to structure and fill out their resume and cover letter to get the most responses from recruiters in their Product Management job search.


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