Product Gym versus Product School’s Product Management Course

Product Management has been rising in popularity and is creating more competition in the job market due to the increased density of candidates. You may have experienced the competitive nature of this field firsthand and thought to yourself that it is time to go to a class tailored to teaching people how to become better Product Managers. However, it is important to find the proper course that fits your specific needs. In this article, we will compare our course to that of Product School’s.

The Key Difference

The key difference, and what makes Product Gym different, is our process of working with each individual. We are aware that not everyone has the same skillsets or prior experience. Although we have classes that large groups can attend, we work with each student individually in career coaching. We also understand that getting the Product Management job does not happen overnight. It can take time. In order to offer students as much help as possible, we help you start applying right away and offer access to our classes for up to a year after you finish your classes with us.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching Product Gym Product School
Career Coaches Yes No
The Product Gym Alumni Network Yes No
Introduction to Technical Recruiters Yes No
On-Campus Recruiting Yes No
Web-Based Resources Yes No

This first service is something you will not find at Product School. We know the job market is hard and it is difficult to go through it alone. There is a lot of stress in applying to new jobs because of the chance that you will not receive an offer back. However, with our career coaching, we will help alleviate the stress by going through the process with you and giving you tips to succeed.

Our career coaches will walk you through this process with practical information that they have amassed through their time working as technical recruiters. Having previously taken part in the hiring side of the process, they understand what recruiters are looking for, and will be able to give you the tips that you need to be successful. Not only are you able to talk to people on the hiring side, you can also communicate with other people who have recently been through the application stage of the process. As a student of Product Gym, you will be given access to our alumni network, which will allow you to communicate with people who have recently been through the process you are going through at the moment.

To further assist you in this process, we will introduce you to an approved list of technical recruiting vendors and offer on-campus recruiting services. Our students also have access to our web-based resources, which include:

  • Comprehensive Practical Information
  • Worksheets
  • Articles
  • Databases
  • Online Guides
  • Digital Flashcards
  • Relevant Links

Candidate Branding

Candidate Branding Product Gym Product School
Custom Resume Revamp Yes No
Custom LinkedIn Optimization Yes No
Custom Cover Letter Revamp Yes No
Tailored Backstory Yes No

Many people go applying with the methodology of hand-picking a couple of jobs that they really want to work at. This is not the best way of going through applying.  First, it limits the amount of jobs you apply. Secondly, it will make any possible failure worse because you anticipate a response more since you specifically picked it. Third, if you want this job, other people probably definitely want it too, so the amount of competition has increased compared to other job openings.

Instead, our methodology includes applying to as many jobs as possible to increase your chance of callback. We will help you do this by revamping your resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, and backstory. Within 7 to 10 days of joining our client base, we will work with you on completing these changes. We get these changes completed as early as possible to have you start applying as soon as possible.

Product School and Instructor Communications

Since Product Gym begins your applications early, even if companies take time to respond to your application, you will still be part of our classes, which will give us the chance to work with you as you are going through the interview process.

However, before getting to the interviews, you need to be able to make it to this stage. This is where we will update your resume, cover letter, and backstory/pitch in order to make sure you make it through resume bots and get to recruiters in the interview stage of the hiring process. We update your resume with our methodology in mind. Rather than nitpicking specific skills for each application, we will help you formulate one resume that is applicable to all of the positions you want to apply to. This streamlines the applying process and allows you to apply to many more positions than you would have previously.

However, not all jobs will be found through applying from job boards or company websites. Many Product Managers, as much as 80% of them, are not found on any job board or company websites. In order to obtain these jobs, you need to be able to sell yourself to recruiters on LinkedIn. In order to help you with this part of the process, we will optimize your LinkedIn so that you can filter out recruitment notices trying to get you to apply to positions in other fields, such as marketing or banking, and instead receive more messages for Product Management roles.

Interview Support

Interview Support Product Gym Product School
Start Interviewing Now Before Class Starts After Class Ends
Interview Feedback Yes No
Vault of 500+ Company Product Management Interview Questions with Answers Yes No
Digital Interview Flashcards Yes No
Case Study and Interview Assignment Support Yes No

You heard back from one of your applications. But you do not know what to expect in a Product Management interview. Unlike Product School, our students will begin preparing for interviews within the first 21 days of joining. It is important for you to begin interview prep as soon as you join our student base.

With our compilation of over 3,000 Product Management questions and digital interview flashcards, we will prepare you for any question the interviewer has for you. But besides your normal interview questions, we also teach you how to think and solve case study questions. This is something that is critical to succeeding in the interview process for many applications but is not taught at Product School.

Course Content

Course Content Product Gym Product School
5-Hour Technical Engineering Fundamentals and Interview Workshop Yes No
5-Hour Product Design Fundamentals and Interview Workshop Yes No
5-Hour Data Analytics Fundamentals and Interview Workshop Yes No
5-Hour Product Marketing Fundamentals and Interview Workshop Yes No
5-Hour Culture Fit and Behavior Fundamentals and Interview Workshop Yes No
Subject Matter Experts as Instructors Yes No
Class Duration 6 Weeks 8 Weeks
Class Access 12 Months Class Duration
Enrollment Anytime Schedule

A large part of our curriculum revolves around teaching you the necessary skills to both obtain and succeed in interviewing for your Product Management positions. But this is not all. Having these skills will help you get your foot in the door.  But, you need more technical knowledge relevant to the positions you are fighting for. The difference between Product School and us is the way we have instructors teach the class. Product School’s and Product Gym’s courses utilize one head instructor. The difference however, comes from our subject matter experts. We use 2.5-hour classes on specific subjects in which the head instructor will co-teach the class with a professional in that subject. Our experts include:

  • Technical and Software Engineering Leads
  • Product Designers
  • UX Designers/Researchers
  • Data Scientists
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Product Strategists.

Throughout the course, you will have multiple workshops with different areas of focus: technical engineering, product design, data analytics, product marketing, product strategy, and culture fit and behavior. Having this variety of knowledge is important for the success of any Product Manager. As a Product Manager, you need to be able to communicate with different members of your team. In order to do so, we believe that it is crucial for you to have some background information in all the aspects of creating a product.

Course Duration

The other difference between Product Gym and Product School is the duration of our courses. Product Gym’s course is 6 weeks and Product School’s is 8 weeks. Your time is important, so we will cover all the information you need in the 6 weeks. However, we understand that your hiring process may not be finished within the 6 weeks that you are with us; therefore, we allow all students to stay with us for up to a year after enrolling with us.

If you feel that you did not fully understand certain subjects of our course, you may retake any of the classes again in the year timespan. Another important difference is you may enroll with us at any time and start taking classes as soon as you join. On the other hand, Product School has scheduled weeks in which their course takes place. For Product School, if your schedule does not fit with theirs, you will be vulnerable to losing out on some of their classes. This will not be a problem with us.

More Information

This article was written by the Product Gym team. Fun fact about this article: This program was built by our Founder, Richard Chen, after his experience as the Campus Director for Product School’s New York Campus. It was not created to compete, but rather, to serve the needs of a more specific target audience. Product Gym’s objective is to “make sure you learn in a very practical way how to land a Product Manager job.”

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