Project Roadmap VS Product Roadmap

When it comes to understanding Product Management, knowing how to create an amazing Product Roadmap and Project Roadmap is crucial. But before you can create the best roadmap for your team, first you need to understand the differences and similarities between these two important types of roadmaps. What sets a Product Roadmap apart from a Project Roadmap?

Product Roadmap

A product roadmap communicates the goals and strategies of a company leading up to the release of a product. A product roadmap usually contains the following:

  • Goals for the product
  • Strategies and Initiatives
  • Key features reflected within the product, alongside key release dates
  • The overall timeline for creating the product

A Product Manager typically focuses on the creation and monitoring of the product roadmap.

Project Roadmap

A project roadmap discusses the tasks to complete leading up to the release of a product. In other words, it’s used to describe each individual project that is scheduled leading up towards the grand unveiling.

Project roadmaps are useful for planning internal events and efforts for the teams. They usually contains the following:

  • Goals for the projects and the objectives
  • Important tasks
  • Resource allocations
  • Timeline for the projects
  • Potential risks and setbacks

A Project Manager typically focuses on the creation and monitoring of the project roadmap.


Of course, both types of roadmaps are crucial to the development of a product. Both the product and project roadmap should be informative and shared both internally and externally to stakeholders and executives. This will allow them to know the process of the product and where on the timeline it currently lies.

The sharing of the product roadmap internally to teams will allow them to know the overall strategies to approach, and the overall end date of the product.

The sharing of the project roadmap internally to teams will allow them to know the tasks assigned, and the due dates, as well as the specific milestones on the timeline for the product.

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