What Are Recruiters Looking for in a Product Manager Resume?

We all know recruiters don’t have time to sit down and analyze the hundreds of resumes that they receive on a daily basis. To determine the best candidates for their current position openings, there are specific things that recruiters look for in a Product Management resume.


Since recruiters often receive hundreds of resumes at a time, a way to pick out the ones that are most likely going to be relevant is by using a recruiting software. This software goes through all of the resumes received and looks for specific keywords relevant to the current position opening. In the case of Product Management resumes, some keywords that recruiters look for could be in regards to UX design, strategic planning skills, or analytical and organizational skills.

The placement of these keywords are also important. The most recent skills should go on top, higher up on the resume. This is because recruiters want to see which skills you have been using most recently.


If you graduated a while ago, recruiters will look at what your most recent role and status are. They want to see if your past experiences match what they’re looking for. They will also look at the progression of your career. Recruiters want to see that your experiences added value to the companies that you have worked for.


Product Manager recruiters want to see both technical/hard skills and soft skills. As discussed above, don’t forget to include keywords when describing these skills. Technical skills refers to skills that are quantifiable, like design, coding, or analytics. Soft skills are more about your personality and how you are in a work environment. Some examples of soft skills would include leadership, communication, and organization.

Bonus Tip

This should be a given, but double and triple check the spelling and grammar on your resume. Multiple mistakes can come off as unprofessional, and that’s not the impression you want to give.

If you want to see what a rockstar PM resume looks like, schedule a call here!

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