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What Is an Associate Product Manager?

Many people dream of leaping straight into Product Management, thinking transitioning into PM is the absolute best way to get into the Product Management field. However, you can always start below a Product Manager position and work your way up into PM internally. One of the paths to becoming a Product Manager is to begin as an Associate Product Manager. 
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Becoming an Associate Product Manager is an exceptionally powerful path for someone who wishes to get into Product Management, but has no prior PM experience. An Associate Product Manager basically functions similarly to a Product Manager, however, they report directly to a Product Manager, and their projects aren’t on as high of a grandeur scale. An Associate Product Manager is more of a junior position, which helps someone get their first steps into the Product Management world. There are also multiple jobs and classes year-round that introduce Associate Product Manager positions into the yearly cycle. Such include:

Uber –

Facebook –

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The basic responsibilities of an Associate Product Manager ranges vastly, but are quite similar in conjunction to a typical Product Manager position. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinating with the various teams, and the Senior Product Manager on various projects and developing different products according to requirements
  • Perform extensive research on various product backgrounds, and investigate requirements, as well as functionalities of multiple products
  • Develop plans and strategies based on what is needed to provide effective strategies to problems
  • Monitor the lifecycle of a Product, from its’ initial phases to release
  • Monitor issues and inquiries amongst the various teams, and ensure proper execution of solutions in timely fashion
  • Evaluate and analyze statistics to ensure optimal profit for the company
  • Analyze the market and comparisons with similar competitors within the same market

Becoming an Associate Product Manager is a different route that a Junior Product Manager can take to gain experience to make it into the Product Management field. 


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