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What is Product Vision?

When making a product, you always have to figure out the reasons for what the product is being made for. Whatever purpose the product is being made for, that is the vision. It is the arrow pointing you in the direction you need to go.
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To write a good product vision, one has to understand their market well and what their market is in need of. If one fails to understand that, then the product vision will not be made well. The end product will fail to capture the attention of the intended audience and thus go unnoticed. 

A sample product vision could be to “make snacks healthier to eat”. This will keep you and your team on track while building your product. It will remind your team of the reason why you are making this product and who the product is being made for. 

The strategy that you have for your product is NOT the vision. The product strategy is how you will get to your vision. The vision is what helps you make your strategic decisions. When applying new ideas for the product, use the vision to filter the idea and see if it helps you accomplish your vision. If it doesn’t really work towards the vision, then it probably shouldn’t be included in the product. 

Of course, your vision won’t be fully realized until every member of your team is on board with it. Make sure that the vision is fully understood among the team so that everyone can think on the same page. 

Once your vision has been fully communicated and it fit the needs of your intended consumers, the end product will make an impact on the market. 

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