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How to Deal With Stress During the Product Manager Job Hunt

Searching, applying, and interviewing for a product management position is stressful! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who feels it. Our goal at Product Gym is not only to help you land that dream job but also to support you throughout the process: and that means helping you understand how to deal with stress. These top strategies to deal with stress during the product management job hunt are sure to help you keep the confidence alive from one interview to the next.

Create Structure

As an aspiring Product Manager, you are probably used to a fairly structured schedule. A busy work week with set hours and deadlines for each task. If you are working full-time and job hunting after hours, create a schedule that mimics that of a part-time job. It will benefit you to keep that type of structure during your Product Manager job hunt.

Set a goal of how many jobs you would like to apply for each week. Carve out time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile as needed. Create a schedule with set boundaries just as you would have in your Product Manager position. For example, you may choose to only fill out job applications during the week, leaving your weekends free to relax and recharge. Having a set schedule like this will help you deal with stress and avoid job hunting burnout. 

Along with a structured schedule, an organized workspace will help you deal with stress during the Product Manager job hunt. Dedicate a space in your home, such as an office or the kitchen table, where you go to work on job applications. Try not to choose your bed as your dedicated workspace. Be sure and have a quiet room with an appropriately staged Zoom background ready for virtual interviews. Keep track of the applications you’ve submitted and use a calendar to schedule your interviews.

A little organization can go a long way when you are struggling with how to deal with stress during the Product Manager job hunt. Organizing helps us regain a sense of control that we tend to lose while we are out of work and looking for a new position.

At Product Gym, we have a schedule in place for all our members, so that they are guided at every stage of the job hunting process. Our schedule is broken down over four weeks, with key goals and modules to work on each week. Instead of trying to wing it, you can follow our tried-and-tested process and significantly reduce your stress — while also scoring more Product Manager job offers.

Take Care of Yourself

When finding a product management position is causing you stress, it is easy to put your basic needs on the back burner. Making a conscious effort to take care of yourself will actually increase your odds of landing that dream job. When you are well-rested, hydrated, and eating right you will feel better and, in turn, perform better in interviews. 

If job hunting is currently your full-time gig, scheduling a proper lunch break into your day will add to the structure you have created for yourself and encourage you to eat a good meal each day. Going to sleep at a decent hour and waking up at a reasonable time, just as you would get to your Product Manager job, is another great way to hold yourself accountable when it comes to taking care of yourself. 

Staying active is as important during the job hunt as it is as a full-time Product Manager. Exercise is one of the top strategies recommended to people who are asking how to deal with stress. You release endorphins that make you feel better and boost your motivation and confidence, as well as your energy levels.

Whether you are a yoga and meditation type of person or more of a weight-lifting and cardio athlete, the important thing is just getting your body moving and living an active lifestyle that works for you.

You can also reach out to our Product Gym community for the moral, emotional and mental support you need in your job-hunting journey.

Know Your Stuff

Knowledge is power and preparation is key. Prepare your elevator pitch ahead of time so you are ready to talk about yourself and your experience when it comes up in your interview, which it certainly will. Being asked to talk about yourself is one of the most common questions asked in a Product Manager interview, yet it still catches people off guard.  Be sure to review your Product Manager resume and keep it up to date throughout the job hunt. Take advantage of all that Product Gym has to offer Product Manager job hunters like yourself. Get tailored interview feedback, reference check onboarding, interview questions, and so much more when you join the Product Gym community. 

The more you know about the company you are interviewing with, and their people, the more confident you will feel going into your interview. Having the opportunity to relate and find common ground with your potential colleagues will highlight how you will fit into their company culture. It is important to review the job description and know exactly how you can fill the Product Manager role they are looking for. 

Don’t procrastinate in preparation! It is easy to wait until five minutes before the interview to quickly read the about page on the company website and jump in. The lack of preparation will show in your interview and add to your stress about landing the position. It is better to show up over-prepared and totally confident in your ability to be the next best Product Manager they’ve ever seen. 

That is why Product Gym makes it a priority to prepare you for all types of scenarios in the job hunting process.

We teach you how to optimize your profile to boost your credibility and professional branding, and give you our tried-and-tested application strategy to score those interviews. We also show you how to ace every single question in your Product Manager interview, from behavioral and technical questions to case studies and salary negotiation. Furthermore, we cover all the technical fundamentals and business fundamentals that every Product Manager needs to know.

Redirect Negative Self-Talk

Your mindset plays a huge role in how you deal with stress during the Product Manager job hunt. Focus more on the positives throughout the process to reduce stress and boost your confidence. It is very easy to feel beaten down by the Product Manager job hunt. That is why we need to redirect negative self-talk into positive self-talk every chance we get. 

Whatever narrative you choose to give yourself will work its way into existence, so make it good! Instead of saying, “I am so nervous in every interview, I know they can hear it in my voice” try saying, “every interview is a chance to work on my confidence and practice talking with a steady voice. The more I interview, the better I get at it.” 

Before you can convince a potential employer that you are the perfect fit for the Product Manager role at their company, you need to convince yourself! The more you interview, the better and more confident you will become. That is one of many reasons we encourage our members to apply for every Product Manager position.

Say Goodbye to Your Job Hunting Stress

These strategies will teach you how to deal with stress during the Product Manager job hunt and into your career. Remember that you are not the only one who feels stress while searching for a job. At Product Gym, you have an entire community readily available to support you and help you land the job of your dreams. If you have questions, are struggling with stress, or are wondering where to start: we’ve got your back. Schedule a free career coaching session with us today and let’s figure it out together.