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How to Win the WeWork Case Study Podcast with 40 Launch Founder

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Recently, one of our members was presented with a case study from WeWork after a Round 2 interview with the hiring manager. When we first received this case study, we knew that we needed to ask for additional information to complete the case study and find out what WeWork really wants from this.

You recently joined the Revenue Optimization team of this region and you are asked to deliver the following:

Communicate to senior leadership what do you see/understand from the data. This needs to be structured in the following way:

    • Summarize key data insights

    • What are the existing challenges that you see?

    • What are the key opportunities to optimize revenue?

    • How you would prioritize these opportunities?

    • What are the success metrics?

Communicate a roadmap that summarizes the action plan. (Note: Don’t worry about time. You can use steps instead of a specific time). Communicate an action plan. How you will operationalize/execute the above action plan?

    • Who needs to be involved

    • What are the dependencies

    • Roll out plan

    • How to manage communication, training, etc.

    • How to manage sprint planning


The audience of this presentation is going to be the senior leadership. The objective is to help them fully understand what is happening in this region,  and get them on-board with your suggested path of action

This is not needed, but in case that you are wondering your suggestions can be used by internal users to drive revenue. For example, the internal revenue management team of these 10 hotels.

We are interested in the way you think, structure, and communicate. As this requires a quick turn-around, data collection & analysis is not expected. If you think data analysis is critical to support your decision, it’s ok to either:

    • Estimate based on what you know/think, or

    • Provide an illustrative example of what insight you think data analysis would generate

Rodhmir Labadie Bio:

Rodhmir, founder of 40Launch (a platform to validate ideas) and former PM at KPMG, gives us a comprehensive overview and insight of the PM role and how to be successful as a product manager. We talk about the traits a good PM should have, the day-to-day life of a Product Manager and the overall responsibility a Product Manager has to the organization and how you can transition to a Product Manager role.

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