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Product Gym is a professional community providing career coaching services for aspiring and junior Product Managers. All members get lifetime access to our team of coaches and kick-start program designed to help you develop the job and career skills you need to secure your target product job.

what you’ll get

Product and Career Training

The Product Gym learning plan includes product, business, and career skills. We provide more than just expert instruction: our career coaching will actually help you get the job too.

20+ Skills Courses by Industry Experts

Each course taught at Product Gym is led by an industry expert in that subject. So you’ll know you’ll be getting practical, industry-proven direction.

Live & Recorded

Choose to join classes live, or watch the recordings at your convenience.

10-12 Weeks of Content

Take the recommended minimum or the full suite of courses. Go at your own pace.

20+ Courses

We provide an extensive range of product, business, and career classes you need to not just get the job, but succeed in it too.

Industry Expert Instructors

Our instructors are industry practitioners from some of the largest, most desirable companies.

End-To-End Career Support

You’ll need to be prepared for the interview, case study, and negotiation process: our career coaches are here for you every step of the way.

Access Our Strategy

Our strategy for career changes and upgrades works. We track the performance of every member and are proud to show you the results.

Resume Help

Get individual feedback on your resume to get more replies and beat applicant tracking systems.

Interview & Negotiation Coaching

Interviews not converting to offers? Unsure how to manage your salary negotiation? Get help from our coaches, including senior members.

Community of Peers

Join from New York and network with a community of over 1,500+ members who are just like you.

What Is Product Management Career Coaching?

Career coaches provide a range of services to help you navigate your career path as an aspiring or first-time Product Manager. Some of these services are tangible and easy to unpack, like reviewing your resume and providing pieces of strategic advice when it comes to interview questions and salary negotiation.

But product management career coaches can also help you in more hard-to-describe ways. For example, a career coach might guide you as you pinpoint which companies or industries you want to target as a Product Manager according to culture fit and what you’re passionate about. They can also help you build your confidence, crush imposter syndrome, and develop a growth mindset. 

Why Do You Need a Career Coach?

If you’re embarking on a transition into product management from a complementary role — in business, finance, or engineering for example — you might struggle to express your transferable skills or shift your focus into the mindset of a Product Manager.

On the other hand, if you’re a Product Manager with experience in the industry who is struggling to get ahead in the gruelling interview or salary negotiation process, you likely know your skillset is on point. What you need is a way to connect the dots between what you can do and what you’re being offered.

This is where Product Manager career coaches win over other solutions like certificate courses or bootcamps.

Having someone in your corner with a similar experience, who had to overcome the same hurdles you’re currently facing, is an incomparable bolster to your job-hunting strategy and your learning experience. Whereas certificate classes are focused on getting you a piece of paper and bootcamps work towards getting you to the finish line of their program, career coaches are focused on getting you a job you love, at a salary you deserve, in product management.

Benefits of Career Coaching

When you work with a career coach to develop your skillset, knowledge, and job-hunting strategy as a Product Manager, you’re basically getting a three-in-one deal:

  • You get to learn tips, skills, and strategies from an experienced Product Manager whose understanding of the application, interviewing, and salary negotiation process exceeds your own.
  • You get expert eyes reviewing and providing feedback on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, prepped interview answers, and case study presentations.
  • You’ve built a meaningful networking connection with someone in your field who knows where you’re coming from, understands where you want to go, and is personally invested in helping you get there.

Member Outcomes

Where Will You Go?

With the hard work and dedication to the program that we expect, members have achieved these outcomes:

3-5 Offers

Members of our program can secure 3 to 5 offers, some in as soon as 45 days.


On average, our members secure a $25K to $75K increase from the first verbal offer they received.


98 percent of members would recommend the program to others.


A Simple Four-Step Framework

We’ve broken down our program timeline into a simple four-step process to help you land your Product Manager job faster, and start your first day well-prepared.

1. Optimize

From the best techniques for writing a cover letter to building an attractive Product Manager resume, we'll help boost your credibility and professional branding.

2. Apply

Follow our tried and tested application strategy to get the most interviews and land the Product Manager job of your dreams. You'll have complete access to our tips, tools, and community support to practice a job-hunting strategy that really works.

3. Convert

Learn how to ace every step and every question of your Product Manager interview — including behavioral questions, technical questions, case studies, salary negotiation, and more. We support our members from start to finish.

4. Learn

Transitioning into product management can be a long journey — Product Gym wants to make sure you show up skilled and prepared. Get access to 20+ courses taught by industry experts to sharpen your technical and business skills.


Non-tech Background? We can help

While we only admit members who we can really help, we have successfully helped professionals from a range of backgrounds including engineering, marketing, finance and operations.

What You'll Learn

Technical, Business, and Career Skills

Our product management training goes beyond the traditional starter courses of bootcamps. We aim to teach you not just a broad range of product skills, but the business and career skills you need to stand out from the pack. See a selection of courses below.

Our curriculum of classes is subject to change with improvements and modifications.*


Fishbowl Interviews

Product Pricing

Product Marketing

Product Roadmapping

Product Strategy

A/B Testing

UX Design

UX Research

Machine Learning

Solving Technical Case Studies

Interviewing with External Recruiters

Interviewing with Internal Recruiters

Product Management Fundamentals

Technical Product Management

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