Similarities Between Product Manager Roles

product manager roles

There are many different types of Product Managers in the world. In a broader view, there are some general types of Product Manager roles, such as the Technical Product Manager (TPM), the Analytical Product Manager (APM), the Product Marketing Manager (PMM), and the Visionary Product Manager (VPM). However, with so many different Product Manager roles, they’re bound to have some characteristics in common. This article will discuss the similarities between the different Product Manager types.

Extremely Flexible in Skill 

Many Product Managers feature a wide variety of skills, from having not only technical skills, but business and analytical skills, and even UX (User Experience). This makes Product Managers the perfect generalist – they can be flexible and extend their talents to whatever field is needed during whichever situation, although they’re not as specialized in one particular field as other positions, such as an engineer in the tech field. 

Priority and Organizational Skills 

Many Product Managers will most definitely be organized. They know which tasks take priority, and the deadlines for each task, as well as what is required for each task. This makes them easily able to keep organized, and even keep others organized.


A Product Manager is most definitely passionate about the product that they’re working on. They want to see the Product succeed from the very first day of its’ timeline, such as the designing of the Product, to the final release of the Product to the open public. They’re extremely passionate about the products that everyone’s working hard on to release. 

Great Timing and Focus

This can go side-by-side with the priority and organizational skills category. The Product Manager has excellent focus and timing on each part of the Product, such as how much time to spend on one particular task, or when a reasonable deadline for a project would be for a team. 

Constantly Learning

A Product Manager is ALWAYS learning, whether it be what the customers want in a product, such as a new function, or what a team requires in order to finish a project. They always keep themselves on top of things and learn each and every day how to improve the product that they’re working on, or how to make everything go smoothly to release day. 

They’re a People Person

A Product Manager most of the time is a people person. Having to discuss strategies, constantly attend meetings, and cross-communicating between various teams transform someone into a people-person or someone who has to relentlessly chat with others on a daily basis.

Find Your Product Manager Role

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