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4 Reasons Why You Should Apply to Every PM Position

5 min read Do you want to learn how to get your dream Product Manager offer in 2021? Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel today: we’ll teach you everything you need to know to land your offer. When it comes to the Product Manager job hunt, the habit of “cherry-picking” the roles you’re applying for can be a problematic choice. When

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Best AI Automation Companies To Watch For

5 min read While Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa might be the first few things that cross your mind when it comes to automated personal assistance, 2019 has witnessed a surge in a particular use of AI. Ever wondered where the chat boxes that silently pop-up when you navigate to a website and warmly ask you if you have any questions, come from? They are products of companies that use AI to automate customer service. These aim to either replace or aid call centers and any other person standing behind the telephone or online chat rooms with fully automated bots that are up and running 24/7. Most of these companies, however, go beyond solving the problem of call center automation and continuously roll out products that automate many essential aspects of businesses.

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The One Obstacle People Face when Applying for PM Jobs

3 min read Landing a Product Manager job is hard for many people, and the reasons for such a situation varies based on every person.  However, there are common obstacles that befall many applicants and prospective hires.  Most of these are psychological, with many of these caused by inexperience from new Product Managers that recently made the transition over to the field or uneasiness by Product Managers of any background that are new to the job-hunting process.  We here at Product Gym will

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