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While Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa might be the first few things that cross your mind when it comes to automated personal assistance and the world’s top AI companies, 2019 has witnessed a surge in particular uses of AI. Ever wondered where the chat boxes that silently pop up when you navigate to a website and warmly ask you if you have any questions, come from? They are products of companies that use AI to automate customer service. These aim to either replace or aid call centers and any other person standing behind the telephone or online chat rooms with fully automated bots that are up and running 24/7. Most of these top AI companies, however, go beyond solving the problem of call center automation and continuously roll out products that automate many essential aspects of businesses.

What is AI Automation?

According to John Mccarthy, the scientist who coined the term “Artificial Intelligence,” Artificial Intelligence is the science of making intelligent machines. Therefore, AI Automation could be seen as the use of software and hardware to create products that mimic and ultimately, supersede human behavior. While AI Automation has a wide range of uses, this article focuses on its use in business processes, especially in customer-facing functions.

How is AI Used in Automating Business Processes?

The most prominent use of AI in business applications is automating customer support. While replacing the whole human interaction in customer support is a far goal, the current state of products aim to reduce inefficiencies and loss of resources and time in accomplishing tasks that could be fully automated. Moreover, these companies roll out multiple products to ease customer support as much as possible. Most of them have user friendly solutions to help people working in client facing roles by providing them with applications that store and visualize customer history. Similarly, the majority of these companies have solutions for management to provide them with metrics to show how their operations are running and to help them with opportunities to automate day-to-day tasks, with the goal of eliminating inefficiencies. Note that since most of these companies are B2B, their products might vary depending on their clients.

Top AI Companies Hiring Right Now

1. Five9

Product: Cloud-based Call Center Automation

Location: San Ramon, CA

What it does: Five9 is a completely cloud-based technology that eliminates the need for traditional on-premise call centers. Agents can login and work from anywhere, as long as they have access to internet and and a pair of headsets. Not only does it provide a fully automated call center platform, it also has a series of applications that automate recording, reporting, CRM, and more! Excited about this opportunity? Check out their careers page here.

2. ChorusAI

Product: Conversation Intelligence Platform

Location: San Fransisco, CA

What it does: Ever wondered if meeting minutes were sufficient enough to capture the best ideas and insights that were shared during a meeting? ChorusAI doesn’t! Their conversation intelligence platform aims to capture and store all the insights and ideas that lead to successful sales. You can use this platform in your meetings, client calls, and even in your cold calls to record your progress to understand what made them successful. Sounds like a cool product you see yourself working on? Find out more about their openings here.

3. TalkDesk

Product: Call Center Analytics

Location: San Fransisco, CA

What it does: Do you need a tool to easily pull out all of the data you need about a customer or potential conversion? Look no more! TalkDesk is here to help with its variety of tools that aim to make your life easier when it comes to identifying your clients during calls, as well as recording your conversation with them. It also provides a plethora of features that makes the best use of AI to automate and optimize your sales performance. Be sure to follow this exciting company and see if they have any openings for you here.

4. Humanity

Product: Cloud Based Scheduling Platform

Location: San Fransisco, CA

What it does: Can you think about a user-friendly tool that makes your life easier when it comes to scheduling shifts? Humanity aims to solve that problem by providing an easy to use tool to make operations as seamless as possible for companies. Their solutions go beyond scheduling and provide managers with all the necessary insights when it comes to understanding their current and needed talent. Humanity has been serving a wide range of industries since 2010, so be sure to check their careers page!

5. Keap

Product: CRM Automation

Location: San Fransisco, CA

What it does: It is nearly impossible to describe Keap’s products in a single paragraph, but here’s an extensive summary that captures the essence of the solutions they provide. Keap provides automated solutions to businesses at every stage, from operations to customer service to marketing and sales. Their most popular tool is their automated answer platform that answers clients’ and leads’ questions. They also provide a user-friendly and economically viable interface to store and share operational information. Be on the lookout and see if they have the right opportunity for you!

6. Aircall

Product: Cloud-Based Call Center Automation Solutions

Location: New York, NY (Paris, France is their HQ)

What it does: Aircall provides everything you need to set up your inbound and outbound call centers seamlessly. Rather than dealing with phone companies and a wide range of SaaS meeting solutions, Aircall lets you use a single platform to set up your phone presence. Not only do they provide you with the call center platform, but also enrich that platform with productivity and analytics applications to ensure that your team makes the best use of every call. They are a growing company with an international presence, so be sure to check out their careers page regularly.

7. Bold360

Product: AI Chatbot Software for Companies

Location: Boston, MA

What it does: Bold360 makes the best use of AI to provide you with the most helpful chatbots for your customer service lines (be it phone or online chat). Its cutting-edge technology helps businesses understand and automate the parts of their customer service with chatbots and only use humans for the parts that really need personal assistance. Check out their website, as well as their parent company’s website, LogMeIn for exciting opportunities.

8. Zendesk

Product: Call Center Automation Solutions

Location: San Fransisco, SF (with additional opportunities all around the US)

What it does: Zendesk provides all kinds of solutions when it comes to automating and improving your company’s customer-facing operations. In addition to their high-tech call center and customer service automation, they also provide a smart analytics tool to understand where your customer service is falling short and how you are performing in general. Zendesk’s clients include industry giants such as Airbnb, Uber, and Slack. If you want to be a part of their team, be on the lookout!

9. Justworks

Product: HR Automation

Location: New York, NY

What it does: Justworks is the dream software that takes care of your company’s HR management needs. From payroll to PTO management to training and tax compliance, Justworks combines all of HR management pain points into a single solution. They partner with leading benefits providers to bring the best of benefits and HR management. They are actively hiring for motivated product managers, so visit their careers page if you want to join their team!

10. HubSpot

Product: CRM Automation Software

Location: Boston, MA (positions available worldwide)

What it does: HubSpot dominates the B2B operations software space in these three areas: marketing, sales and customer service. They come up with effective yet simple solutions to help your business grow both internally and externally. In addition to their great software products, HubSpot is also a go-to resource when it comes to learning more about growing your company’s online presence as well increasing sales. Waste no time and apply to their exciting opportunities!

Start Applying

These exciting opportunities at the world’s top AI companies mean that the search is on for qualified talent to lead the development of such products. So, polish your resume and check out these innovative companies! 

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