What are the Best Companies for Product Managers? Your Guide to PM Opportunities for 2022

best companies for product managers

As a Product Manager, you want to thrive within the role. This is heavily dependent on which company you choose to work for. So you want to know the best companies for Product Managers? Obviously, people tend to list the Big Five as the best tech companies to work for: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google. But there are so many additional companies that have a reputation for being ​​top product management companies.

What factors go into making a company one of the best places to be a Product Manager? This article will touch on the common best practices of top product management companies, examples of some of the best companies to work for, and what they have in common that makes them so desirable.

What Do the Top Product Management Companies Have in Common?

When it comes to weighing the best companies for Product Managers to work for, many people simply focus on the salary. But remember that your happiness and success in a job are about much more than money. Here are the other the common elements that the best Product Management companies share, and why they’re important: 

  • Responsibilities: a good company will be able to match your skills and experience to your experience and work history, and ensuring that where you don’t have experience, you have support and training. You don’t want to work for a company that sticks you in an entry-level job you’re overqualified for, nor one that burns you with tasks that you don’t have the skillset to complete.
  • Growth opportunities: at any job, you will want the opportunity for professional and personal growth. The best companies for Product Managers will offer you a healthy amount of challenges, opportunities to widen your knowledge and experience, and are open to development and promotion within the ranks.
  • Professionalism: it’s very easy for a company to look professional from the outside, through their websites and external representation. However, this doesn’t always translate to how they work internally. No one thrives under an unorganized and messy working environment. When interviewing, remember to ask questions about the company and the team you’ll be working with to ensure that you catch any red flags. Companies that rank as the best places to be a Product Manager will be able to answer your questions and keep a dialogue of helpful and professional information going.
  • Company culture: this is an important one, especially when taking into account the point above. You want to work for a professional organization but this shouldn’t mean it lacks personality. Your Product Manager salary shouldn’t be the single, constant drive for wanting your job: you will also want to work within a company that has character and is an enjoyable place of work. How you get along with your team can make or break even the best places to work.

Essentially, if you’re asking about the top product management companies, there is no one wrong or right answer. All companies are unique in the way that they operate. So, providing a strict list of what a company has to have to be a good organization to work for as a Product Manager.

Furthermore, what company is the best place for you to be a Product Manager will be very dependent on you as an individual. Still, the list above should be able to guide you on what to look for in a general sense when applying for Product Manager roles.

What Are the Best Places to Be a Product Manager?

Here’s a brief round-up of the top 5 best companies for Product Managers.


The typical salary for a Product Manager at Amazon is $131,281. 

It’s not difficult to find articles circulating about Amazon’s company culture — it’s been called bruising, relentless, and painful, just to name a few. However, its culture “fosters a performance-driven environment that fires up employees to innovate in pursuit of an outstanding, continuously-improving customer experience.” Say what you will: they’re effective.

You know that if you’re applying for a Product Manager job at Amazon that you will be working hard, but this provides you with great opportunities to grow, progress, and get creative and innovative freedom when it comes to your role.


The typical salary for a PM at Facebook ranges from $166k to $485k. 

Facebook’s company culture famously centres on individual ability. It is very much your own show — no one is holding your hand, your project is your project. This benefit takes the forefront when Facebook advertises for job roles, as the individual has such a significant output and impact on the company’s output.

Furthermore, Facebook is very generalist when it comes to hiring in some ways. They decide where to place you and which team you’ll belong to after offering you the job. This gives a Product Manager candidate the chance to try something new. 

Facebook is also one of the best places to be a Product Manager because of the PM internship opportunities that they offer: “Facebook offers real work, real money and real experience”. This includes being paired with a one-on-one mentor, real projects to work on, a well as a fun and comfortable working environment. 


The typical salary for a PM at Uber is $161,011

Uber is renowned for being one of the best places to work in product management, as well as for the way they’ve revolutionized the way that we travel. Uber’s pivot to the B2B market gives Product Managers a powerful incentive to be part of the team. As a PM at Uber, your work is valued and rewarded.

Also, you’re very much in charge of your own ideas, with the encouragement to make bold decisions. Uber directs its culture towards diversity and inclusion, as well as philanthropy and safety.

On top of all that, Uber is renowned for its organized and well-managed operations. As mentioned in the previous section, professionalism is important when it comes to choosing a company to work for. Uber is certainly one of the top product management companies in this respect.


According to Glassdoor, the typical salary for a Product Manager at Microsoft is $96,471. 

Microsoft’s company culture fosters innovation and diversity, something you would expect from any big company in 2021. However, something that really defines its culture and makes it one of the best tech companies to work for is how fun a place it is to work. Microsoft aims to have the role fit you, instead of you fitting to the role or into the company. If you don’t like your circumstances, then you’re in control of changing them. 

Furthermore, Microsoft pushes the ideology of innovation not being limited to rank. It’s a given: you’d want to work for a company that values your input and where you have an overall impact on the company’s landscape. Microsoft is a firm believer that good ideas come from any position, and they maintain a culture where this is fostered and encouraged. 


The typical Product Manager salary at Airbnb is $206,289. 

Airbnb’s main advantage as one of the best companies for Product Managers is that it always stays one step ahead of its competitors. Therefore, the Product Manager roles at Airbnb are incredibly instrumental to the success of the company. Expect to work hard but have ownership and personal and professional development as you learn through completing tasks and operations



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What Makes a Company Great for Product Managers?

Essentially, the best company for you to undertake a Product Manager role is very dependent upon what is the best fit for you. If you’ve got a job hunt on your list of things to accomplish before the end of the year, or as a resolution going into 2022, you’ll need to start with company research to learn what product culture and work environment is going to suit your style and ambitions. Generally speaking, the best companies for Product Managers listed here are opportunities you wouldn’t want to pass up. 

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