Podcast: How to Recover from a Rescinded Offer

how to recover from a rescinded offer

It is very sad when a situation arises that a company decides to rescind an offer from an applicant or tells an applicant that they “are moving on toward other candidates.” The applicant has obviously put a lot of effort into interviewing for a position in the company and may have really looked forward to working there. However, the offer was probably not meant to be. The company will rescind an offer due to either considering another applicant or they believe they can’t afford the applicant. How to recover from a rescinded offer? Here are two things to keep in mind.

Follow along with the podcast:

Salary Dispute

Applicants need to understand that they are at no fault when an offer is rescinded by a company. Even if that reason was that of a salary dispute where the applicant asked for more money than the initial offer, the fault does not fall on the applicant. It is solely the company’s reason or reasoning that they either have money troubles (in which it’s probably good that you didn’t end up working there, because that would have meant they will be out of business relatively soon) or believe that you are not worth the money (in which you should just brush aside that belief because you have the right to ask for more money based on your abilities and experience).

It’s all about seeing the situation in a certain way. You can choose to be heavily emotionally impacted by the rejection and have it affect your line of thinking when considering other companies. Or, you can choose to ignore it or use it as fuel to better motivate yourself to get better offers from better companies.

Value Yourself

We had written an article earlier this month about the importance for applicants to possess a strong abundance mindset, and that is relevant in this situation. There are other companies out there that have open positions that sorely need someone as capable as you to fill those openings. You probably have multiple offers other than this rescinded one right now. If that’s true, consider those other ones and move on from this experience! You are worth a lot in today’s job market, and some companies will eventually share the belief of your value and offer you better pay and better work conditions.  

In this podcast, we discuss how to recover from a rescinded offer and how you can use that experience to your advantage when considering other companies’ offers. There will also be a more detailed explanation of the importance of possessing an abundance mindset and how it should affect your way of thinking in a positive light.

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