How to Scale Your Organization with Technology


Innovation is not the biggest challenge for product managers and Founders.  Rather, the problem lies in scaling their time.

A new message on Slack, that distracting email alert,  or the client that drops by the office, unannounced! – distractions are aplenty.  There is no shortage of distractions that a product manager faces.

When you look back at all the different tasks that you are doing in a given day – you’re spending 95% of your time putting out fires that are urgent but are not important tasks towards building revenue.  These operational tasks arise suddenly, in real-time. Usually very repetitive, these tasks are unavoidable. The natural thought process is to work harder and longer to complete these tasks AND continue to focus on growth.  

The early riser will come into the office before everyone else and try to bang out as much work as possible.  The problem with that is that you’re not going to wake up every morning feeling fresh and perky, ready or willing to tackle the mundane.  

You may try another way.  Maybe you try to isolate yourself in a conference room but just when you’re feeling in the zone and settled in, it’s Sheila from accounting,  at the door impatiently letting you know that she’s reserved the room for the next 4 hours. The “zen conference room” effort has failed.

Then, you go into zombie mode and decide to work 24/7, at night with your laptop in bed, the subway ride home, or even during the weekends when you really should be taking some time to unplug and refresh.   All of these options are not healthy and will eventually, sooner than later, result in burnout.

Distractions, particularly “distracting tasks” can and should be mitigated. The most important thing for a product manager to do is fine-tune their focus on creating, innovating and (essentially) product managing!

The question is: How do you scale your time?  In this week’s product review, we want to introduce the product solution to our audience we find to be very effective – Process Street.


How do you rectify the challenge of time-consuming daily yet unimportant tasks that take you away from revenue growth?  

The most common path most people select is to train someone on your team. That training could take possibly thirty minutes.  You might as well do it yourself in less than five minutes – but then, you are giving into the distraction and not solving your scaling problem.  

The solution is to implement Process Street into your workflow.  Process Street allows you to document standard operating procedures (checklists) for every task that is available in your organization.  

Start to document and organize the distracting daily tasks in Process Street.  It will then become a series of standard operating procedures. You can now start delegating these tasks to others on your team without fear or concern of error or having to micro-manage.   


The difficulty:  The amount of time spent on typing these standard operating procedures.

You are spending the entire day in a documenting/dating entry role.  This will absolutely kill your day and break your spirit.

The life-hack:  Record your screen (using QuickTime on a mac or any other recording service) and narrate what it is that you are doing, in meticulous detail.  

People are visual learners.  They will seamlessly follow along with the procedure.   Allow your people to OWN that responsibility by having them type it up.  They now have a checklist that they made, that they actually believe in.


By implementing Process Street (really any workflow management application) you are going to get more time back into your day.   This will allow you to spend your time, whether you’re a product manager or founder, growing and scaling your business. These are the revenue generating activities that allow your business to generate more revenue.

The very definition of scaling a business, an organization or even a team for that matter, is being able to scale your responsibilities down in your hierarchy and then out to other people.  Delegate the distracting yet real-time tasks to your team. Now, you can spend your time only doing the things that no one else but you can do and are the most important towards revenue growth.   

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