How to Win the Rockets of Awesome Product Manager Interview

In Product Gym, we have encountered many people that have been either students or have been teachers at our courses that have dealt with noteworthy companies like General Assembly.  The E-learning company has been heavily pursued as a great place to work at by Product Managers and non-Product Managers alike. However, when it comes to applying for a Product Manager position at General Assembly, it becomes very hard to get in.  Obviously, they are selective with any position.  It’s therefore very important to gain any advantages you may have the opportunity to have.  

The Process

Thankfully, we here at Product Gym have had experience dealing with the application process at General Assembly and have written some basic questions that we believe will be asked by any of their recruiters or hiring staff at any stage of the interview process after applying.  General Assembly is largely interested in applicants that have a strong skill set in promoting products and effectively leading product projects. We here at Product Gym have provided access to questions that will be asked in the first round interviews so people wanting to work at General Assembly but worried about being unprepared will have a leg up on their competition and answer these questions with heavy preparation.

New York Rockets of Awesome R1

  1. Tell me a little bit more your career path. What you’re looking for in your next role, and what was exciting about Rocket.
  2. What was it about joining a consumer-facing business that was interesting to you? And, how is the work that you are doing will translate? Also, how long have you worked with product designers and how much do you think about face end interfaces?
  3. Do you rely on your UX designer as the expert on the user side?
  4. Do you have experience doing A/B testing?
  5. Where do the ideas for different products come? Are you give certain objective or metrics and you try to achieve that with product
  6. What would you guess Rockets is optimizing for or metrics we are looking for?
  7. Why do you think you stand out relative to someone that has more experience?

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