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Job Hunting Strategies that Actually Work to get a Product Manager Role with Senior Product Manager, ListenFirst (Podcast)

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In this podcast, Rich, founder of Product Gym, speaks to Arkady Sokolov, Senior Product Manager for Analytics and Intelligence at ListenFirst, the industry’s leading and most comprehensive social analytics platform.

Arkady was a former member of Product Gym and speaks to how he was able to successfully navigate our program to make his career transition into Product Management. We also discuss job hunting strategies that actually work and how PG is different from most other ‘Product Management’ boot camps.

Highlights include:

  • Where to start for those struggling to transition to a Product Management career
  • What Product Gym does that is different from other product management bootcamps, and how it’s approach results in members actually landing Product Manager roles
  • How focusing too much on “hard skills” (which are learnable, easily accessible online, and rarely used on the job) over soft skills can hurt you during the Product Manager interview process
  • How technical is a Product Manager expected to be? Do you have to be very technical to win the respect of the engineers?
  • How effective are side projects and networking to get a PM job?

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