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How to Network with FAANG Recruiters for Product Manager Roles

Are you struggling with getting FAANG interviews? Read this guide to learn how to network your way to more interviews and potentially to a new career!
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Getting a Product Manager job at a FAANG company… It’s the first or the second thing many of our members ask when they decide to work with us.


These leading tech companies only accept the best talent, and it takes more than a solid resume and a cover letter even to get a chance of interviewing there.


At some point, you will need a personal connection with a recruiter working there to be considered for an interview. In today’s article, we will be giving you a step-by-step guide to network with FAANG Recruiters properly.


Before we begin our discussion, however, we want you to know that this is not a quick shortcut to an interview at a FAANG company. It will take time and effort, but it will be worth it once you know that your work leads to success.


Side note: If you are already ahead with networking, make sure you watch the following video to learn how to get more FAANG interviews by following up with Recruiters:


Many of our members who land their first Product Manager job with us consider FAANG companies their next step. In their first PM role, they gain valuable Product Management experience and have some time to network with Recruiters.


The first thing we want you to know is that you should be networking with FAANG Recruiters and not with FAANG Product Managers. This is because Recruiters are the ones that know which positions are hiring and which roles can wait.


Despite the apparent abundance of job postings in the market, there is only a finite number of roles that hire. As with many things in life, you can use the Pareto Principle to assume that only 20% of the roles are urgent to hire.


The only person who knows which roles are urgent is the Recruiter. They have a list of roles that are urgent and not urgent. If you applied for a position and never heard back from them (or heard from them five months after), the chances are that the opening wasn’t urgent.


To get this kind of information, you need to be friends with the Recruiters. Continually asking them if a particular opening is urgent or not will not get you anywhere.


You need to build a relationship with them so that when there is an opening that fits your background, they will think about you and let you know about it.


Networking with FAANG Recruiters will get you to the first round and even to the second round of the Product Manager interview while networking with FAANG Product Managers will give you leverage in the further rounds.


Recruiters will give you vital information that you need to be successful during the application and interviewing process. So never underestimate this relationship as it will provide you with a huge advantage!


Secret 1: Make a FAANG Tier 1 Companies Spreadsheet


You need an organized contacts list to ensure that you are connected with a sufficient number of Recruiters. The first thing you should do is to divide the companies into different tiers.


Examples of Tier 1 companies include FAANG as well as Twitter. Examples of Tier 2 companies include Square. Tier 3 companies are exciting startups that you believe have the potential of becoming a tech giant.


Make sure you refer to our checklist below for a list of companies that you should have on your spreadsheet.


This is how your spreadsheet should look like:


You can find your template here.


Notice that we divided the Tiers into different sheets so that you know which companies to prioritize.


You might be asking the number of recruiters you should be having on this spreadsheet. We recommend having up to 500 recruiters for Tier 1 companies should be a good number.


You can easily find 50 recruiters working for FAANG companies, while the number might be a little less with lower Tier companies. For Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies, you should be aiming for 1000 contacts per tier.


Now that you have your list ready let’s get to the next stage.


Secret 2: Be Their Biggest Fan


For the second phase of this project, we ask you to find the links to these people’s professional social media accounts. You should be following the content they publish, meetings (or virtual meetings given the current conditions) they organize, and, most importantly, the announcements they make.


In general, recruiters make hiring announcements to look for the talent they need, and this is your time to shine! (Note that these job postings may not necessarily be for Product Managers.)


If you know anyone with the qualifications they are looking for and can refer that person to the Recruiters, they will be more inclined to help you as you helped them.


This is the principle of reciprocity, and it states that helping people will influence them to help you.


Now that you have made somewhat of a relationship with the Recruiter, they will have you on their mind when there is an opening for a PM role. Note that it’s essential for you to avoid sending your resume to the Recruiters if they are not searching for a Product Manager. This is a HUGE turnoff for them.


You should also engage in liking, commenting, and subscribing to their social media. This way, they know that their content is available to your colleagues as well.


Given that you have 500+ recruiters in your network now, you might be struggling to find the time and energy to stay actively connected to these people. If you have the resources (and this is a pretty cheap option), you can always delegate it to a Virtual Assistant. You can easily find one in a freelancer site such as Fiverr or Upwork.


As you can tell from the required effort, this project is all about building relationships. It requires patience and persistence. You should give it at least six months, if not a year, to see the fruits of your labor.


If you need a job tomorrow or next month, this is not the strategy you should be pursuing. You should be focusing on applying and interviewing at scale!


This project aims to have the Recruiter reach out to you once there is a suitable PM position open. And this only happens as a result of a good relationship.


This is a common approach in business development, and people working in sales, consulting, and any other field follow these principles to build solid professional relationships.


Engaging with the Recruiters’ posts will show them that you believe in what they share, and it will give them the motivation to help you in return.


You might also be wondering why we asked you to add Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies. After a couple of years, you will see a Recruiter change their company as well. If they are in a Tier 2 company now, the chances are that they will be working for a FAANG company in their next role.


Final Note: Our Members have Proved this Approach


Many of our members aim to go to a FAANG company in their second Product Manager role, and to be able to get there, they start networking and building relationships using the approach we described here right away!


For many years, we have observed our members taking PM roles at Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, and many more. So, start your networking today to get to these companies!


You can watch the full video here:



If you have questions or need more help, feel free to schedule a free consultation with us!

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How to Network with FAANG Recruiters for Product Manager Roles

Are you struggling with getting FAANG interviews? Read this guide to learn how to network your way to more interviews and potentially to a new career!

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